Devolver releases Shadow Warrior 3's '17 Glorious Minutes'

After unveiling a self-harming trailer during the Devolver Direct show a few weeks ago, Devolver Shadow Warrior 3 premiered “17 Glorious Minutes” of the upcoming unconventional first person shooter slash.

As appropriate descriptors say, glory certainly fits the bill – Shadow Warrior 3 was unpacked in a bloody, comedic, and fast-paced manner. It shows the journey of the fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and his former Nemesis buddy Orochi Zilla as they set off to “kill a dragon the size of a mountain with a Halloween mask”. A few mask magic and a murderous rabbit later, and Lo remains alone to cross combs infested with demons and reach a sanctuary to save Zilla in a mission called “Road to Motoko”.

We get a good glimpse of Shadow Warrior’s 3 gameplay, which is, to say the least, unique and combines first-person shooting with sword fighting, along with a good shot of super gravity, dashing acrobatic action, and crossing grappling hooks. It’s fast-paced and not unlike Doom Eternal, both in terms of the speed of movement and in terms of the sheer force of combat. The protagonist Lo has to deal with large groups of enemies and fight his way out or risk being overwhelmed. Speed ​​and precision are important to keep the upper hand.

Dynamic environments and an arsenal of weapons, including some assembled from crushed enemy corpses, allow for some freedom and creativity in sending demons from the player. Demons are dismembered, limbs fly and unidentifiable pieces of meat pepper the ground after each encounter. Of course, Lo has a joke for every situation, from dad jokes to Game of Thrones references to a healthy dash of explosives. It sure looks like fun.

It’s also worth noting how good Shadow Warrior 3 looks despite YouTube’s notorious compression compression. We can confidently expect the end product to look impressive, especially since Flying Wild Hog has another year to improve the game.

Devolver has also released some new blurbs for the trailer, which you can see below:

  • Take a katana to a shootout – Perform a symphony of death every time you mix it, blending overwhelming firepower with devastatingly precise katana blows as you race in and around the demonic hordes.
  • Fancy footwork – The flow between nimble movement techniques such as air strokes, wall races, double jumps and the fancy new gripping hook blows up your fighting and movement options in every fight.
  • Execute, then destroy – Perform spectacular finishing moves to capture a piece of your conquered enemy and transfer their powers back to the Horde in an outbreak of unstoppable anger and powerful magic.
  • Dynamic Combat Arenas – Every environment is lined with dangerous structures and devices that can be activated to add another layer of creative choice to the offensive strategy.
  • Neo Feudal Japan – Wander through a mythical Asian country steeped in the magic and technology of ancient samurai and now overrun by the demonic yokai of Japanese folklore.
  • Funny Business – Get ready for expertly delivered one-liners from Lo Wang, targeted jokes with Zilla, and intense excitement of absurd predicaments on the way to transforming doomsday into a new day. “

Shadow Warrior 3 was developed by Flying Wild Hog and is currently scheduled for release in 2021 on PC via Steam.

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