DFL concept rejected: "Ghost games" continue

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Due to the corona pandemic, soccer games have been taking place as ghost games, i.e. without an audience, since May. A new hygiene concept of the DFL was rejected by the health ministers for the time being, especially Jens Spahn – he also commented on Twitter.

No fans, empty stadiums: Football fans have to be content with so-called “ghost games” due to the Corona crisis at the moment. For the new season, the DFL developed a concept to gradually bring more audiences to the stadiums.

But now the DFL concept has been rejected by politicians for the time being – it is still too early, the number of infections would rise, according to the health ministers of the federal states. According to the Berlin health senator Dilek Kalayci, everyone at a conference was of this opinion. The DFL concept is a “good basis”, but not feasible at the moment. Overloading the health authorities should be avoided. And the arrival and departure at games is also problematic, said the SPD politician.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn commented on this yesterday on Twitter: “Thousands of spectators in the stadiums – that does not match the current infection rate. Now is the time to not take any avoidable risks. The DFL concept is good in theory. The decisive factor in the #pandemic is everyday practice. “

In addition, “spectators in the stands would be the wrong signal” in the current situation. The comments of the Twitter users are partly positive, partly critical. For example, some criticize the fact that travel within Europe is now possible again – including to risk areas – and the opening of schools.

On the third weekend in September, the Bundesliga, the 2nd Bundesliga and the 3rd division start the new season. A week earlier: The first round in the DFB Cup. The DFL’s concept was initially to allow only a few fans into the stadiums – without standing room, without alcohol and with personalized tickets. But Bundesliga games with spectators on site are not possible until October 31.

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