DFL: Live audience for the Bundesliga again soon?

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Next week the DFL German Football League wants to meet again for a general meeting of the 36 clubs in the Bundesliga and the 2nd division. According to their own statements, it is primarily about a possible return of stadium visitors in the 2020/21 season.

As the DFL reports, the background of the virtual meeting on August 4 is the need for coordination as to whether there should be a uniform approach for all clubs. For example, it should be about tickets for fans of the visiting teams. In principle, the visiting club is entitled to a ticket contingent of at least ten percent of the respective stadium capacity. According to the DFL announcement, this regulation could now be suspended until the end of the year. This could reduce the nationwide travel volume of fans and thus the risk of infection.

In addition, the DFL reports that the commitment to maintaining standing room in the stadiums continues. A possible waiver of standing room is therefore also only a temporary adjustment. With a corresponding decision by the clubs, games in both leagues could initially be held until the end of October and thus until the expiry of the corona regulations of many countries without standing room visitors, according to the DFL.

Alcoholic beverages should only be served with the express consent of the local authorities. Here, too, the general assembly should decide whether all professional clubs should generally refrain from doing so or apply for a special permit at all, the announcement says. They also want to discuss how to determine and understand chains of infection using the contact details of affected stadium visitors.

Further details on the proposals of the General Assembly can be found on the DFL website.

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