Differences between the cameras of all the OPPO Find X2 Series


OPPO hit the table in 2020 by launching, not one or two, but up to 4 new 5G phones oriented to each pocket. But it is that in addition to presenting connectivity with the latest connectivity standard, both the OPPO Find X2 As the OPPO find X2 Pro, he Find X2 Neo and the Find X2 Lite They boast a great screen quality and, above all, cameras capable of offering the best results in every situation.

So you know which is the mobile that best suits your needs based on their cameras and to the photographs that you are going to be able to with them, nothing better than to see at a glance all the differences between the photographic section of each of the spectacular OPPO mobiles that you can already buy on Amazon, Media Mark, Phone House, Fnac, El Corte English, PC components, Carrefour and Worten. If you prefer, you will also find them available on Movistar, Vodafone, Yoigo or Orange.

OPPO Find X2 Pro and X2, the best of the best

OPPO Find X2 and X2 Pro cameras

Both OPPO phones 3 high cameras in the rear that look very high in their catalog look quite similar but with some other subtle difference between them. The brand has wanted to follow a more classic -and elegant- design to house these 3 sensors in a vertical module that is housed in the upper left corner accompanied by a dual-tone flash.

He OPPO Find X2 Pro It is the best mobile phone ever made by the brand and as such boasts a 48 MP wide angle main sensor specialized in capturing large night scenes, followed by an ultra wide angle lens of the same resolution and a 120º field of view that has an Ultra Macro mode, in which objects captured at a distance of cm can be enlarged up to 8 times to perceive all their details. Both sensors can use the new Night Mode 3.0, which features multiform noise reduction technology to fill the photos taken in the most popular settings with light.

But its main virtue is that “square” lens that is a 13 Mp periscope telephoto camera capable of allowing us to take photos with a hybrid 10x and 60x zoom (covering a focal length of 17 to 170 mm) in digital. For this, it uses the new optical image stabilizer and an Omnidirectional focus supported by laser focus in which each pixel is a focus point.

OPPO Find X2 and X2 Pro cameras

As we have said, the OPPO Find X2 It is quite similar but there is a change in its ultra wide angle and telephoto. The first one happens to be 12 MP, maintaining the possibility of taking macro photos at a distance of 3 cm and a viewing angle of 120º. The telephoto lens maintains a resolution of 13 MP but offers 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom, up to 20x digital zoom, keeping the rest of technologies such as its focus system or Night Mode 3.0 intact.

Both of them can record clips at 4K resolution and at 960 fps speed as long as we lower this resolution. Both have a 32MP selfie camera at the front that uses Beauty IA Mode to improve our self-portraits thanks to artificial intelligence, something in which the algorithms of Ultra Night Mode and an intelligent mode of fill light collaborate.

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OPPO Find X2 Neo and Lite, big cameras at a lower price

OPPO Find X2 Neo and X2 Lite cameras

Despite being in front of two models whose price is much lower than the top of the range, the brand did not want to cut quality to their cameras. Moreover, instead of three sensors as in previous mobiles, both the OPPO Find X2 Neo like OPPo Find X2 Lite They mount 4 sensors in the back.

The main difference between the two models is in the telephoto lens, present in the OPPO Find X2 Lite on a 13 MP sensor to offer a 5X hybrid zoom to get as close as possible to distant objects. This lens is accompanied by a 48 MP main sensor, 8 MP wide angle and a 2 MP depth sensor that allows you to apply bokeh effects and blurs in real time. All of these lenses take advantage of the phone’s AI to enhance the look of night shots and Dean Video Stabilization System 2.0 so all of our shots are sharp and focus-free.

On the one hand we have HIS (Hybrid Image Stabilization) technology that combines optical and electronic anti-vibration to accurately detect and counteract shaking during recording. On the other hand, the ultra wide-angle lens and a wider FOV further enhance the dual image stabilization effect.

oppo find x2 neo camera

This same video stabilizer is found in the OPPO Find X2 Lite It maintains the main 48 MP sensor and is combined with an 8 MP wide angle and two 2 MP mono and depth sensors focused on offering the best possible portraits on a mobile for less than 500 euros. In addition, like its older siblings, it enables great night scene images with Ultra Night Mode and AI NPU noise reduction.

Featuring a 32MP camera assisted by AI tools at the front, the two smartphones have the ability to record video clips at 4K resolution.

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