DIGITAL TELEVISION 8/2020: Vu + Zero and Dreambox DM 900 still on the cutting edge?

The new DIGITAL FERNSEHEN is available at the kiosk and this time looks under the hood, among other things, with the Vu + Zero and the Dreambox DM 900, two veterans of digital TV reception and tests whether they still meet the current requirements.

In the last ten to 20 years, product cycles in retail have steadily decreased. With technical products in particular, it is not uncommon today that predecessors and successors appear within a calendar year. What is good for advertising, sales and even jobs is bad for the environment and the consumer often suffers as well. Anyone who buys a new receiver model today must expect a successor to be placed on the market tomorrow. Often the differences are not great, but it is annoying. It is all the more astonishing when entertainment electronics devices are still available and up-to-date years after they were first sold in hardly any form.

With the Vu + Zero and the Dreambox DM 900, we have put two of these prime examples to the test and show that there is no need to constantly change models in order to be able to offer state-of-the-art electronics. Of course, with the Octagon SF 8008 mini and the Anadol HD222Pro, we have also examined two brand new boxes for you.

Furthermore, this issue is once again about the topic of SD shutdown via satellite. But anyone who expects a specific date will be disappointed, because the shutdown of the standard resolution has been completely canceled. You can find out the reasons and background for this in the article. Another article in our “Current Topic” section should please Sky customers. Expensive subscription traps, which many pay-TV subscribers have already fallen for, are finally history with the largest German provider.

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Test highlights of the issue

  • Revival: Dreambox DM900 RC20 in the expert test
  • Small UHD Linuxreceiver Octagon SF8008 mini put to the test
  • Long runner: that’s why the Vu + Zero is so popular
  • HD bargain? The HD recorder from Anadol is so useful
  • Samsung is drawn to the garden: new flat screen TV presented
  • Rich sound with minimal size: Kathrein DAB + mini in the test

Other exciting topics in the issue

  • Distribute HDMI via WLAN – the solution is that reliable
  • Low symbol rates received – practical check of different systems
  • Changeover point uncertain: Swiss television postpones switch to HEVC codec
  • UHD reception via terrestrial network – Nasa TV starts test operation
  • Interview with the A&E program manager Emanuel Rotstein
  • HD Plus and Vestel form partnership
  • Sky now with more flexible subscription models – new channels before the start
  • SD shutdown canceled, ARD and ZDF continue to double over Astra
  • Second DAB-Plus federal multiplex is filling up, the first stations are known
  • New series on National Geographic: Barkskins HD presented
  • Broadcasting of the Pay TV channel FOX


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