Discounter sells “luxurious” double beds for gamers

Image source: Aldi Nord

After gaming PCs and gaming laptops, there is now the gaming bed. The discounter Aldi is actually offering a place to sleep especially for gamers from next week. But what exactly characterizes such a “gaming bed”?

Box spring bed from Aldi: Discounter sells gaming furniture

The Aldi discounter chain is best known for its good value for money. The company also offers more expensive devices such as gaming laptops and PCs at regular intervals. Business seems to be going well – otherwise the following Aldi offer would not make sense. From August 20, 2020, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd will be selling a box spring bed for gamers through the “Aldi delivers” program. Cost with shipping: 755.63 euros.

But what exactly ensures that the bed deserves the title “gaming”? According to the official product description, Aldi sees the two built-in USB ports as useful gaming gadgets:

“Thanks to the charging connection, gaming is now also possible from the comfort of your bed. But not only gamers benefit from this, tablets and cell phones are always at hand with a fully charged battery. “

And what should of course not be missing from a gaming product? Correct! The RGB lighting. There is an LED light on both the bed box and the headboard, which can be controlled by remote control and, according to its own statement, ensures “a luxurious look”. This is of course a matter of taste, but the lighting makes anything but a “luxurious impression” on us, it makes the bed look rather cheap.

The current tech news at a glance:

Gaming bed from Aldi: You get that for your money

The box spring bed offers a lying area of ​​140 x 200 cm and is based on a mattress with two Bonell spring cores. The lying surface is at a height of 62 cm, if this is folded up, a spacious bed box emerges. The black cover is made of synthetic leather, the silver-look feet are made of wood.

Understandably, we cannot pass judgment on the quality of the bed, but we can on the gaming factor. The fact that everything that has RGB lighting is now being marketed as “gaming-ready” is ridiculous. The same applies to the USB ports that can be used to charge smartphones and tablets.

This gaming computer, however, lives up to its name:

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It is difficult to determine what such a gaming bed would have to offer in order to really count as such. However, we have some ideas. Perhaps a fold-out shelf with an integrated mouse pad for the PC peripherals? Built-in speakers and a TV bracket at the foot end? Or how about a space for the desktop computer with cable management that runs under the bed? Freely accessible USB, HDMI, DisplayPort and jack ports that are coupled to the system but attached to the sides of the bed would also be a nice idea. Definitely anythingwhat actually has to do with gaming!

If you are still convinced by the look and the quality of the bed, of course we don’t want to prevent you from buying it. Only the applied gaming branding has to be denounced by us in this case.

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