Discover wants to look like Instagram: it will also have stories

One of the most used Google services is one that sometimes goes unnoticed. You would be surprised, or perhaps not, to know the number of people who are informed through the news that appears in Google’s Discover, the section that many mobiles have in the left area of ​​the desks.

This section is usually renewed from time to time including some minor changes, but now we are at the gates of an important one.

Google wants Stories in its Discover

Although it is something that Google has been working on for many months, it is now when some users are starting to see a new section in Discover called Stories.

In it we see news presented in the same way that Instagram Stories do, that is, in vertical format and with a horizontal slide to see more.

Discover wants to look like Instagram: it will also have stories

These news appear in a section integrated among the normal results, with an icon that represents the medium that publishes in the upper left and the title in the lower part, next to the name of the medium.

Contrary to Instagram, it does not seem that you have to do anything to create those publications expressly, rather that Google formats the news to present them like this.

When we click on it we see a larger image, the summary text at the bottom and two icons at the top, one to share the news and the other to have more information.

If we click anywhere other than those icons we will go directly to read the article in question.

We do not know if this test that Google is already carrying out will reach all users shortly, but everything indicates that this will be the case because the Storie format that Snapchat invented and popularized Instagram seems to be destined to be ubiquitous.

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