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Discovery buys Tele 5 – DIGITAL TELEVISION

Discovery buys Tele 5 – DIGITAL TELEVISION

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Discovery Germany and Leonine have made the sale of the free TV channel Tele 5 and a long-term content agreement perfect.

Discovery Germany takes over the Tele 5 channel from Leonine. In addition, according to a press release from Friday, both parties have signed a long-term program delivery contract. This should allow Discovery to access Leonine’s license offer in the area of ​​fictional content. The takeover is currently subject to the approval of the responsible authorities.

With the incorporation of the “SchleFaZ” and “Bumsbuster” home Tele 5, Discovery Germany is demonstrating its ambition to further expand the company’s presence in the German free TV market. The integration of the niche-heavy station brand Tele 5 into the brand portfolio is intended to open up new target groups and marketing potential. Tele 5 will thus become part of Discovery Germany’s free TV offering, consisting of DMAX, TLC, Eurosport 1 and Home & Garden TV.

Leonine is expanding its license trading business with the sale of Tele 5 and the conclusion of a long-term program supply contract, thereby focusing on growth in the three strategic business segments “Production”, “Distribution” and “Licensing” like that

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