Disney + is turning the price screw: Now it's getting expensive

Image source: Disney, adaptation: GIGA

Within a very short time, Disney + has become a permanent fixture among streaming services. The success is also due to the low costs. With an expensive additional offer, the service is now turning the price screw – and is getting a lot of criticism.

Even though normality is slowly returning to many areas of life, cinemas are still suffering. Full halls are hardly possible due to the distance rules. However, cinemas that are only half or a third full often do not pay off economically. Many cinemas are therefore still closed. Hollywood also knows the dilemma, which is why many a studio is now moving its film premieres to streaming services such as Disney +. In the case of “Mulan” this is an expensive pleasure.

Disney +: Premiere of Mulan costs $ 30

There, the adventure film with Liu Yifei in the leading role should cost $ 30 – in addition to the regular monthly price, as Heise reports. With this, Disney + makes a questionable turnaround, because the film “Artemis Fowl”, which also recently celebrated its premiere on the streaming service, was still offered free of charge. The $ 30 is also not the purchase price, just the rent to watch the film on TV at home for the premiere.

This makes Disney + around $ 10 more expensive than competitors like Universal-Pictures, which offer their home theater premieres for $ 20.

The hit series “The Mandalorian” goes on Disney + soon in season 2:

Disney + with more than 60 million subscribers

With this hefty surcharge, Disney + is not currently making friends. Cinema tickets are already expensive, says a user in Heise form: “But 30 EUR only to watch a film on the small TV instead of the big screen?” Another even questions the survival of Disney + as a whole, as the streaming Service is only a “niche provider”. However, it is unlikely that Disney + will soon die in view of the gigantic success. To date, Disney + has won over 60 million subscribers – after only recently breaking the 50 million subscription mark.

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