Disney skips theaters and will release Mulan directly on Disney +

Mulan will go directly to Disney +, but will not follow the Netflix premiere formula.

Disney + and its original productions have already reached Spain and many other countries, and the company already has a good amount of content on its platform, much of this original. And now, the company is close to releasing its new movie: Mulán. However, it will not do it in the cinema.

And is that, Disney has decided to skip the film premiere of the new adaptation of Mulan, and this film will be released directly on Disney +, however will not do it in the style of Netflix, releasing it for free on the streaming platform, but if you want to see Mulán, you will have to pay, and it is more than a movie ticket costs.


Mulan will be the first film to be released directly on Disney +

If you want to see Mulan at Disney + you will have to pay

Disney is going to release Mulan in theaters in those countries where Disney + is not available, but otherwise, this movie will only be able to be seen on the Disney platform, and it will have to be paying $ 29.99, since the company would not release it directly on the open platform.

Disney Plus Catalog

Disney + has a large number of original productions

It is a high number a priori, yes, but the truth is that, unlike in the cinema, your whole family can see the film for this price, it does not matter if there are 2 people or 5 people. It is more than a single person would spend going to the movies to see it, but less than what a family of 5 people would spend going to the movies. In fact, as confirmed by Bob Chapek it would be a formula that could be repeated in the future if going to the movies continues to be an unsafe activity.

Mulan’s launch is scheduled for the next September 4, And it is one of the premieres that has been expected the most for a few months, since right now, as you know, everything is a little more stopped than before.

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