Do you want to register on Telegram? Everything you need to know

Telegram is one of the most used messaging applications, along with WhatsApp, and with a large number of interesting functions such as public groups, channels or bots. If you are thinking about how to register in Telegram, we explain step by step how to do it, what you should take into account or what to configure once you have the account created and can start using it.

What should you do, step by step, to register in Telegram and everything you need to know about the messaging appa: what are channels, public groups or bots or how can we improve privacy once we have registered.

What is Telegram for and what does it allow?

Before explaining how you can register on Telegram we explain what advantages the application has, what it allows us, what sets it apart from other similar ones. You may have come this far without understanding why you are going to use a messaging app while having WhatsApp, but there are many exclusive and very interesting functions that we are going to summarize, roughly, in case they help you decide or not.

Beyond the usual chats, there are different options:

The groups

Groups cannot be just private, like on WhatsApp, where you talk to your family or friends. There are also open groups on a topic or on a club or entity to which you belong, for example. You can join them via an invitation link or looking for them in the Telegram itself: you are looking for the name of your team, your club… In groups everyone can speak although following some rules and limits set by the administrators of the same. You can discuss a topic, etc.


This is a Telegram novelty with respect to the others: not only do we have groups where he talks on an equal footing but there are channels. In the channels you do not write or speak, you just read. For example, there are media information channels, editorial news, series news on Netflix according to the premieres per day … There are also public and private channels: you must join the private ones with a link or they can invite you (you can be the one at your children’s school to receive notifications) or the public ones, which you can join with an invitation but you can also find them through the Telegram search engine.


The third of the things that we must take into account in Telegram before registering are bots. Bots are something like applications integrated in chats from whom you can ask for things or that have a function. That is, automated applications (it is not a chat with a person behind answering you) that are in charge of reminding you of something after a while, of telling you what is on television, that allow us to do raffles, play or receive notifications when they premiere a new chapter of a series that you like, for example.

How to register

Once you download the Telegram application on your mobile, tap on “Start”. It will then ask for your phone number. Enter your phone number along with the country code to start registering with Telegram. You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone with a confirmation code and you will have to copy it into the application to continue with the installation, in the corresponding holes. Tea will now ask for a name (mandatory) and surnames (optionally) You can also, if you want, choose your profile picture from the gallery of your mobile phone.

Sign up for Telegram

Once you have completed all the steps you will access the application and you can search all contacts of those who have the phone number and who have the app installed to start talking to them in the same way that you do on WhatsApp. But you can also search for groups and public channels through the Telegram search engine, as we will explain in the next paragraphs …

Terms of service and name

Two accounts on Telegram

You can have multiple accounts on the same device or phone number in both the iOS and Android apps. Just sign up for Telegram with both.

Can switch from one account to another whenever you want and you can change chats without any problem. To simply add accounts, once you have already registered in Telegram, tap on the three lines in the upper left corner and tap on “+ Add account”. Here you will have to follow the same steps as before: choose a country and write your phone number, confirm with the code, start using it. You can go from one to another quickly from the left menu just as we can do it in other apps or social networks such as Twitter or Instagram.

two Telegram accounts

Telegram without phone number

You can have Telegram without having a phone number? Yes, once you register. In other words, you can use the messaging application without having a SIM card on your mobile phone. Or you can use it from your computer without a phone at hand. But to register you will need access to that phone number even for a few minutes. It can be, for example, a prepaid SIM card that you will use only once. Once you have received the code through the application’s chat or through an SMS, you can dispense with the card. That is to say, you will not have to have it on that phone to be able to use Telegram nor will you need to have a mobile phone with said card at hand to be able to use it on the computer, for example.


The username is one of the biggest advantages of using Telegram compared to other messaging applications since no one will see your phone number If you don’t want to, they can find you through your username. It will be much easier to tell someone an alias or a nickname than your real number. Especially in cases where you want to safeguard your privacy and they cannot contact you. Also, Telegram provides you with a link that you can copy the person you want to open a conversation in the application. More useful and safe.

To configure your username you have to follow some steps:

  • Open the Telegram app
  • Tap on the three lines in the upper left
  • Choose the profile you just created
  • In the Account section, tap “Username”
  • Choose a username maximum 5 characters
    • You can use letters from a to z
    • Underscores
    • Numbers from 0-9

Telegram username - Privacy settings

Once you have it, you can share a link to open chat. When someone talks to you, when you have a conversation with anyone on Telegram they won’t see your number. It will not show your number even if you answer or even if you have a normal chat. Unless you decide to give that person the number.

You can also configure who sees and who doesn’t see your number so that no one sees it, not even your contacts. Or you can let everyone see it.

  • Go to the Telegram application
  • Open the Privacy section and security from Settings
  • Look for the option “Telephone number”
  • Choose Who can see my number?
    • Everyone
    • My contacts
    • No one
  • Choose Who can find me by my number?
    • Everyone
    • My contacts

You can also add users or groups as exceptions that will not have to comply with what you have configured in this section.

Telegram number

What to do once you have registered

Once you have registered in Telegram it is recommended that you configure the privacy in the application so as not to put your data at risk or so that they cannot add you to channels and groups. It is also recommended that you modify the self-destruction of the account as it is convenient for you so that your profile is deleted after a time, be it a month or three months or for six months.

Who can see your profile picture?

If you have just registered with Telegram, you should follow a series of steps to improve privacy in the messaging application for new contacts or groups to which you join. You can hide your profile picture from strangers.

  • Open the Telegram app
  • Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner
  • Go to Settings options
  • Tap in the section of Privacy & Security
  • Tap on Profile picture
  • Choose who can see your profile picture
    • Everyone
    • My contacts
  • Add user or group exceptions they will not follow this rule

Profile picture on telegram

Who can add you to groups

If you want to prevent your new friends in the application from helping you groups and channels, you can configure it from the privacy settings. You will not join one unless they are your contacts or unless you do it on public channels or groups through the Telegram search engine. To do this, go to the settings:

  • Open the Telegram app
  • Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner
  • Go to Settings and Privacy and security
  • Tap on Groups and channels
  • Edit and choose ¿Who can add me to groups?
    • Everyone
    • My contacts
  • Add exceptions in case there are ‘special’ users

Groups - Privacy settings

Self destruction

Self-destruct is another feature that you can configure right after signing up for Telegram so that the account is deleted once you stop using it. The self-destruction period can be configured from the application settings and consists in that after a time X that you configure from your account, if you do not log in or are online, your profile and account in the messaging app will be completely deleted. You can’t disable self-destruct but yes you can delay it up to a year. For it not to be erased, you just have to use Telegram a few seconds a month and you will automatically “save” it.

  • Go to the application settings
  • Open the Privacy and security section
  • Look for the option “Account self-destruct
  • Choose from the four options
    • One month
    • Three months
    • Six months
    • One year
  • Choose the period you want
  • The window will automatically close and it will be configured

Self destruction

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