Does Apple forego the most important feature?

The world is eagerly awaiting Apple’s new iPhones, but we might be able to wait in vain for a feature – probably the most important novelty for many. Apple refrains from using the iPhone 12?

iPhone 2020

Actually, the feature was already considered set: The two more expensive versions of the iPhone 12 are to integrate the ProMotion technology of the iPad Pro for the first time. Means: An extremely fast display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Such liquid screens are currently a trend and are considered a current or future “must-have” with the Android flagships of the competition – here, for example, the Galaxy S20 from Samsung.

Apple hesitates: iPhone 12 does not have a 120 Hz display

Now the iPhone 12 should also unlock … should. Well-informed display expert Ross Young is now rejecting this with his latest tweet. As a result, the 120 Hz display is not yet available this year. He writes: “None of our contacts could confirm iPhone 12 Pro models with 120 Hz. They told us in 2021. “According to Young, Apple would like to integrate the new LTPO technology before considering ProMotion in the iPhone. However, this step is not expected until the following year.

A big disappointment for many potential customers, because the fast display was one of the most important features of the upcoming iPhone 12. Even in June, the expert promised us those 120 Hz displays – a statement now without stock.

GIGA explains – what do cell phones with 120 Hz displays bring us:

OLED is safe

However, there are still plenty of contrary reports in the rumor mill. They still promise us the extremely fluid screens for the iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inches) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inches). In this respect the last word on this has not yet been spoken. On the other hand, the general use of OLED screens across all models is currently considered safe. The two inexpensive versions of the iPhone 12 will also have this. Ergo: If you were going to buy the cheaper models, you will definitely not experience any disappointment – at least.

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