Does Sony rely on customizable consoles?

The design and color of the PS5 have so far caused a lot of discussion. Now images have appeared that suggest that players can design their console according to their own wishes.

PlayStation 5

PS5 case: Maybe you can design your own console

Images of the PS5 are currently circulating removable housing panels present. The design and especially the white color of the console was discussed in advance.

Many players still can’t get used to the new look. The posed images allow you to conclude that you don’t have to be satisfied with the standard design of the PlayStation 5.

It may be possible through the housing plates, its completely own imagination to implement a PS5 design.

Third parties who offer individual housing parts would surely find many buyers. However, the assumption of the customizable housing is still speculative and it is possibly only about consoles in production, which are broken down into their individual parts.

How much will the PS5 cost?

One of the most burning questions from console players is about the price of the PlayStation 5. There are already many rumors that have come about through various leaks from different online stores. Supposedly the next generation should become a lot more expensive than the previous PlayStation 4. At the time, it came to the stores at a price of 399.99 euros.

One reason for the price of the next home console, which is speculated as expensive, are the built-in hardware components and materials, which too higher production costs and of course lead to a corresponding sales price.

So what will the PS5 cost now? Unfortunately, Sony remains covered with this information. It could well be that Sony wants to wait for the competitor Xbox to undercut the price. This strategy has been used in the past.

If the Japanese console manufacturer decides to finally announce the price, we will of course inform you here immediately. We have also put together everything you need to know to pre-order the PS5 clearly.

The PS5 is already on Amazon, but without a price. With one click you can quickly get to the offer page:

When does the PS5 appear?

Another issue that is still unclear is the exact release of the PS5. When is the official release date? Even after the big PS5 event The future of gaming, Sony hasn’t set a release date.

It has been known for some time that the highly anticipated console is for Christmas sales 2020 will go on sale. If we take a look into the past and look at the release of the PS4, it was launched in November 2013. So it is very likely that Sony will release it again November will target as the release period.

As soon as the official deadline is announced, you will of course be provided with all important information here.

What PS5 announcements are coming?

A Tweet on Twitter suggests that Sony will host the next PS5 event on August 08 plans. Further details on the upcoming games be exposed to the console. Whether a state of play will actually take place on this date is still speculative. As soon as there is an official announcement, we will let you know.

The last big event for PS5 took place in a livestream on YouTube, there are the upcoming ones Launch games the console, and Sony finally got that Appearance of the PlayStation 5 revealed.

You can also use the existing Srange of PS4 products Rummage and bridge the time until the new console is released:

Also equipment such as the DualSense, a headset, a remote control and a camera were shown.

What does the PS5 look like?

Sony has long kept a secret about the appearance of the console and so far you have only been soothed with the PlayStation 5 dev kit. Since the big unveiling in Sony’s PS5 event, the cat is finally out of the bag.

In an official “Hardware Reveal” trailer you can take a closer look at the design of the upcoming game console:

After the community painted the look of the PS5 with its own creations and was much speculated, Sony surprises with one futuristic design in atypical white color. Not everyone can make friends with the PS5 model, so there are already a number of memes and edited images on the Internet and social media.

Current pictures of the PS5

Here you can view the PlayStation 5 from all angles and see the current images of the console. The PS5 will available in two editions be. Both in a normal edition and as a digital edition without a Blu-Ray drive. You can see the two models here:

The slimmer PS5 Digital Edition should also be for the slimmer wallet.

Sony has a good look at that connections recognize the PS5 on the front. Even the one positioned to the side Blu-ray drive is easy to see:

The PlayStation logo is simply placed on the side of the console and is recessed in the housing:

Of course, the typical PlayStation logo should not be missing on the PS5.

PS5: What details and information are still known?

What would a console be without the associated games? If you want to know which games you can look forward to when the PS5 release starts, take a look at our highlights and surprises.

The DualSense controller of the PS5, introduced some time ago, offers all sorts of features and is said to offer many improvements to the previous model, DualShock 4. Especially the haptic feedback and the 3D audio output should offer a great gaming experience.

A lot has been known about the power of the PS5 in the past, especially the ultra-fast SSD of the console will give it an advantage over the competition of the Xbox Series X. In addition to the speed, you become with one Blu-ray drive spoiled which films in 4K will be able to play. If you choose the edition with drive.

Backward compatibility is an important issue for many PlayStation fans, and in a recent presentation by Mark Cerny, he assured that it would be possible to play PS4 games on the new console. First of all there is talk of 100 confirmed game favorites, the selection will be expanded very well.

An exposed patent gives hope for full backward compatibility of the PS5. Accordingly, it should be possible, similar to an emulator run virtual console, which calls up the technical specifications of the respective generation and thus makes the game playable. This would create at least virtual downward compatibility.

According to the patent, it should be one Cloud gaming library act which will include the titles of PS1, PS2 and PS3. It is not yet clear how this system will be offered.

With the technology advantage of the SSD, the next generation of consoles will be able to avoid long loading times, also with the Switch between applications. According to a new patent, the PS5 is said to be a Overlay menu receive, which can also be activated during a running game without having to close or minimize it.

Which games are on your wish list? This picture series gives you enough choice to fill it properly:

Start photo gallery(31 images)

PlayStation 5: All featured PS5 games for 2020 and 2021

The information and details about the PS5 are still few and far between. After the big unveiling of the PS5, we continue to look forward to the price and release date. You have to be patient until the release, until then we will keep you up to date. What question about the upcoming console is still burning under your fingernails? Let us know in the comments.

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