Does the battery with iOS 13.5.1 last less? You are not the only one

IOS 13.5.1 battery consumption

Despite the fact that, morally, I should be forced to install all the betas that Apple launches on the market, I do not, at least on the iPhone that I use every day, since for that I have an older iPhone that serves as a bank for me. tests. The betas, as its name indicates, they are not final versions, so performance and consumption can be uneven.

The battery of my iPhone XS Max, usually lasts me a day and a half, even two, depending on how I use it. However, since Apple will release iOS 13.5.1, I have checked how every day I have to connect it to charge it without having changed my habits of use. Also, I have noticed that it is sometimes hotter than normal.

I did not give much importance to the battery issue and I huddled it in the heat, just like when I find it hotter than usual. When I have had a while to see what may be the reason for this sudden change (maximum capacity is 98%), I have seen howThe “screen off” time has skyrocketed, with an average of 3 hours.

Taking a look at the Apple support forums, I have seen that I am not alone, I am not the only user who after installing iOS 13.5.1 the battery runs out faster than normal.

In these forums, one of the solutions they offer is turn off background updates, a temporary solution until Apple fixes this problem that apparently is already solved with iOS 13.6.

Haste is a bad adviser. Apple released iOS 13.5.1 to close the possibility of jailbreaking devices, only and exclusively. By closing this patch, they must have touched “something” that affects the performance of some devices, among which unfortunately I am

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