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Does the gap shrink or not?

Does the gap shrink or not?

While the rumor mill agrees on many details of the iPhone 12, a new leak is now causing a stir and gives hope for a long-awaited change in the design of the upcoming Apple smartphones.

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iPhone 12: Notch could shrink

Since the iPhone X, the small display notch in the upper area of ​​the screen has accompanied us and at the same time divides our minds. While many owners no longer notice the recess after a short time, many years later other users continue to complain about the distracting design feature. However, MacRumors has now published alleged images of the 5.4-inch display, which were available, among others, from the Chinese social media service Weibo.

In line with the pictures, MacRumors has also published a direct size comparison of the notch of the iPhone 11 Pro and the suspected iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch display. Here is the comparison:

The associated pictures of the alleged component should show the display of the smallest iPhone 12. You can see the individual component, which is located in a holder that may be used in the production of the smartphone.

It is not clear from the pictures alone that it is really a 5.4-inch display. The Weibo blogger Digital chat station writes on Twitter, however, that it should be exactly this display:

If it really is this display variant, the small notch could indeed have shrunk slightly. Due to the lack of other components such as the housing or the TrueDepth camera system, which is housed in the notch and is responsible for Face ID among other things, one can only speculate about it.

iOS 14 will probably be delivered with the new iPhones in autumn as usual. Here are some of the new features in the new operating system:

iPhone 12: Finally a small iPhone again

According to current rumors, four iPhone 12 should be waiting for us next fall. So Apple supposedly wants to present two Pro models with display diagonals of 6.1 and 6.7 inches, among other things. At the lower end of the scale, in addition to another 6.1-inch iPhone 12, the 5.4-inch model mentioned above should also be added.

There have been various rumors and some CAD drawings about the dimensions of the display recess in recent weeks. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that at least one of the new iPhones should be equipped with a small camera lens, which could make Apple smaller the notch.

On the other hand, an unchanged notch was visible on CAD drawings. However, since these drawings often come from the hands of sleeve manufacturers, it is not certain whether they know the correct dimensions. The cutout is rarely relevant for cover manufacturers.

The launch of the four new iPhones 12 is expected in September. Sales could be delayed somewhat due to the Corona crisis and may therefore not start until October.

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