Does the PS5 run even better with this graphics technology?

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The wheel does not have to be reinvented, the situation is similar with graphic technologies. It looks like Sony is using a concept that is currently only used on Nvidia’s graphics cards. Will the PS5 get any better this way?


New Sony patent: technology resembles Nvidia’s DLSS

Already at the end of the year the console war goes into the next round: The Xbox Series X has an exchange of blows with the PS5. The hardware of both consoles is now known and the designs have also been revealed.

While the Xbox on paper offers more graphics performance than the PlayStation 5, Sony never tires of putting the incredibly fast SSD of the in-house console at the center of the reporting.

It looks like Sony could pull another trump card up its sleeve. As reported by AndroidCentral, the Japanese company has filed a new patent that, at first glance, looks a lot like Nvidia’s new graphics technology: DLSS. The function uses AI algorithms to scale up images that are rendered in lower resolution. In this way, games can be calculated in higher resolution without having to accept a large drop in the frame rate.

So far we know all about PS5 and Xbox Series X:

New patent from Sony: Is the technology used in the PS5 at all?

The new technology from Sony seems to work in a similar way. The patent describes that multiple in-game images and machine learning are used to calculate new image content. It is questionable whether this technology is already used in the PS5 or at all. Companies often apply for patents without ever implementing the ideas behind them.

However, if Sony really uses the technology in the PS5, gamers could probably look forward to a big leap in gaming performance – as is the case with games with DLSS support.

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