Download books ebooks from epublibre, the web does not work

We are not going to delve much into the matter, but we all know that there are hundreds of pirated websites to download digital books or ebooks totally free. As in other “segments” such as movies, series or IPTV televisionThese websites are usually quite persecuted and are forced to close, change their domain or are directly blocked by the main operators.

Epublibre does not work on Movistar and O2

At the moment, we do not have official confirmation of any type of blockade or court orders against the portal. The only thing we have been able to verify is that it does not work if we access from certain operators. A message that warns of “Secure connection failed” It appears to us if we try to access your .org domain.


According to the tests we have been able to carry out and also the different publications on forums or social networks, it seems that Movistar and O2 they are the only ones that are blocking access to epublibre right now. Nor does it appear to be possible to directly access your IP address. With the rest of the operators, access works perfectly.

The only solution right now is to use the browser Tor Browser or an anonymous VPN. These two methods work perfectly and allow Movistar and O2 clients to access the ebook portal. We will try to find out the reasons that prevent access for a couple of weeks. In fact, the first reports date from June 11 and to this day the situation continues without news.

“This project is born from the desire of anonymous readers to share their favorite books with anyone who feels like reading, since culture must be a universal good accessible to everyone” is what the web says right after accessing. This community of users who lay out and upload digital books already has a collection of more than 46,000 books availables. At the end of their manifesto they indicate that

“If you like a book, don’t forget to support its author, either by buying its works or giving them away to your loved ones, so that they too can enjoy them.”

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