Download Pelis24 Apk V1.4 (Updated 2020)

Speaking of the most popular apps to watch Spanish movies and Spanish movies and TV series, Pelis24 Apk tops the list. This application is specially built for the Spaniards so that they can enjoy the latest movies, TV series and other content without any hassle.

Pelis24 is a free to use application that allows you to watch free premium content such as movies, TV shows, web shows, sports channels, etc. Because the Spaniards are so passionate about sports, Pelis24 meets their needs.

There are many paid platforms that offer premium content for a price like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc. But it is not suitable for everyone to pay for the movies and videos they watch. Today they need an application for free content.

So you can download the movie you want to watch or the sport you want to watch live and enjoy it in your English and Spanish, along with subtitle support.

Application name Pelis24 Apk
Category Entertainment
Android version 5.0 or higher
App version V 1.4
File size 16.0 MB

Download Pelis Apk V1.4

Pelis24 Apk Features

Pelis24 is one of the best free video streaming applications available in the market today. It has a wealth of features you should know –

  1. First of all, let’s talk about the content available in the app. On Pelis24 Apk you will be served with the latest movies, TV series, web series, anime and sports channels. This makes general entertainment easy for your free time.
  2. The video quality is amazing. The videos can be viewed in links ranging from 360p to 4K. So you can adjust the quality according to the network you use.
  3. The application is mainly built for the Spanish public, so the default language is set to Spanish, but you can change it to English from the settings. There is also support for subtitles for better
  4. The simple and easy to navigate user interface that makes using the application even more fun.
  5. You can access the premium videos and content without any registration and purchase.
  6. External media players such as VLC and MX Player are supported, making it easy to view the content wherever you want.
  7. A very charming thing about the Pelis24 apk is that you can request any specific movie you want to see. Yes, you just have to log in a request and the Pelis24 team will contact you.

How to install Pelis24 on Android

Installing Pelis24 Apk can be a bit hectic for your Android device as it is an apk and Android devices often avoid such installations.

So what do you do? You just follow the instructions below –

  1. First of all, download the apk from the link above.
  2. Now go to your device’s settings and then navigate to Security> Unknown Sources.
  3. Turn them on.
  4. Now go to downloads and click on Pelis24.
  5. Enable all buttons and finally click “Install”.
  6. That is it! Pelis24 has been downloaded and you can now enjoy premium content for free.


Pelis24 Apk is one of the best applications available to you if you want to enjoy high quality premium content for free. If you are Spanish you have a good deal as it is standard in Spanish. But you can go to English if you are not Spanish. There are a number of reasons why Pelis24 should now be in your device! So, just get it !!

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