Dr Disrespect is back – test stream drew over 400,000 viewers

After the mysterious Twitch ban and a resulting hiatus from Dr Disrespect, fans can now breathe a sigh of relief. The streamer is apparently back and already attracted more than 400,000 viewers to a test stream.

Dr Disrespect: He probably chose YouTube.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever find out why Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch, but luckily there are other options open to him. It looks like Guy Beahm has now decided on YouTube. At the moment his test stream has been running for 13 hours and after over 400,000 viewers wanted to watch his comeback at the beginning, around 10,000 are still at the start.

When exactly Dr Disprespect starts its live stream is not known. Yesterday he returned on Twitter with the words “Tomorrow, we arrive”.

If you don’t want to miss his comeback, we recommend that you check out his YouTube account regularly.

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Dr Disrespect confuses fans with strange music video

Why Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch is still not clear, nor is it clear where it will stream in the future. For a long time now he has spoken up again and published a small music video that leaves many questioning faces.

Dr Disrespect posted a strange video.

Dr Disrespect, aka Buy Beahm, published a strange music video on Twitter and thus leaves question marks over the heads of the fans – the dramatic appearance, however, goes well with the eccentric streamer.

The text for the music video is short, but doesn’t make much sense without context:

“It’s out of my hands / But I’m still in control / It’s out of my hands / It’s out of my hands / You can never take away the power of my soul.”

(I no longer have it in my hand / But I still have it under control / I no longer have it in my hand x2 / You can never take away the power of my soul.)

The meaning of the text is not clear, but it appears to be a direct response to Twitch. What do you think?

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Twitch-Ban: Dr Disrespect indicates a change to the competition

After the Twitch-Ban by Dr Disrespect, there is still a lot of guesswork about the circumstances and how to proceed. Now the streamer himself gives a hint that the competition could continue.

Are you planning to switch to the competition?

For over two weeks, Dr Disrespect has not commented on his sudden ban from the Twitch streaming platform. The theories range from wild fantasies to criminal grounds to elaborated declarations with contractual disputes as a background. There is no official information from any of the parties involved.

The doc himself is also silent towards colleaguesAt least that’s what insider Rod Breslau, also known as Slasher, says:

The only indication of how Dr Disrespect will continue as a streamer comes from a change in his Twitter biography. An the place where a link previously led to his Twitch channel is now the Doc’s YouTube channel.

Of course, this is not proof and the link change could just have been made so that his Twitter bio leads to a channel with content. Should Dr Disrespect want to and be able to continue streaming, YouTube would be an alternative he could probably consider.

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Dr Disrespect and the unusual silence around his Twitch-Ban

The ban of a large streamer on Twitch is not the first time, especially in the case of Dr Disrespect is the complete silence of all those involved on the subject.

One of the biggest Twitch streamers has just completely submerged. Nobody knows why, and those who might know remain silent. The Dr Disrespect Twitch-Ban is a strange thing. The assumptions about the reasons show that the extent of the “streamer” business model is still underestimated.

If a streamer is usually banned and there are doubts on his or her side or that of his community about the correctness of the ban, then they will be drawn in public and they fight back. Dr Disrespect himself was temporarily blocked on Twitch for violations of the terms of use and was anything but silent afterwards.

When he closed the stream almost two weeks ago, there was only a statement from him and one from his wife in the first few days.

Anyway, Twitch means the ban very seriously because they have refunds all subscribers.

Theory of the reason for the ban

The American lawyer Richard Hoeg deals a lot with legal matters relating to the video game and streaming world on his YouTube channel. He believes it wasn’t even Dr. Disrespect who is responsible for the ban, but Twitch itself, who are striving to terminate the multi-million dollar contract that was signed in March 2020.

Dr Disrespect is supported by the Creative Artists Agency represented from LA. Their clients include almost the entire film and television business in the United States, as well as much of the music industry. An agency with the monopoly on representing Hollywood actors naturally has a bevy of attorneys who have advised Dr Disrespect on the only right thing in the event of contractual disputes: Absolute silence.

Why does Twitch want to get out of the contract?

Hoeg has an explanation for this too, and it depends on that Setting of the streaming platform mixer together. The events are at least temporally related. According to Hoeg, the competitor has been eliminated reduced the market value of the streamers, because Twitch has to outbid another platform less.

So Dr Disrespect’s lawyers want to make sure he gets his money.

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There is a high probability that the silence will actually have a legal backgroundWe may find out at a later date whether Hoeg’s theory is correct. This is no longer just about someone who plays video games and then streams them, but about millions of dollars, as in other entertainment industries.

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Twitch-Ban: Dr Disrespect speaks up – not even he knows the reason

A ban without a reason, an ominous new platform, the streaming world is currently hot, and not even the people involved seem to know what is going on around them.

Streamer Dr Disrespect’s ban is permanent, which translates as something serious must have happened. Twitch has not yet given specific reasons and even from the last few seconds of the Doc’s stream, it’s hard to see why he’s been banned.

The ending is extremely strange and it looks like Dr Disrespect got a message that pretty shook him. After that there was radio silence, but a few days later this tweet from him said:

There it says that he does not know why the ban was pronounced either, as he was not given a specific reason.

So right now there is only speculation. Many revolve around the newly emerged streaming platform Brime Dr Disrespect is said to have flirted with. Another theory revolves around the possibility of a crime being committed. It definitely has to be act as a serious breach of contract, otherwise Twitch wouldn’t react so harshly.

It remains to be seen when there will be an official justification.

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Twitch spell: Will Dr DisRespect switch to a completely new platform?

On June 26, 2020, Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect was surprisingly banned. Nobody officially knows why. Rumor has it that Twitch has found out that Dr DisRespect as well as Ninja and Shroud are already connected to a new streaming platform. What’s up

Dr DisRespect banned on Twitch. Nobody knows why.

What exactly happened? On Friday, June 26th, Dr DisRespect’s Twitch account was surprisingly banned. So far, there has been no meaningful statement from Twitch. In a statement to Polygon it only says “suitable measures”.

“These apply to all streamers regardless of their status or importance in the community,” said a representative from Twitch.

As was to be expected, numerous rumors and speculations are now taking their course and, above all, one picture that has emerged is currently raising questions. An anonymous tip says that Dr DisRespect, Ninja and Shroud were planning a new streaming platform and wanted to recruit several Twitch streamers.

This could be related to a new streaming platform that appeared on Twitter just a few days ago: Brime. According to the operators, this is a new streaming service. However, the name is a code name based on the story of 2 names that were once streaming sites – all very opaque.

The external content cannot be displayed.

As I said, these are just rumors and speculations. It is not known whether the ban by Dr DisRespect is actually permanent this time and why exactly that happened. We will keep you up to date.

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Dr Disrespect would rather have done it like Shroud: “10 million for 8 months of work”

Streamer Dr Disrespect seems a little pissed off for not switching to Mixer like Shroud or Ninja. With the end of the platform, they got their money for less work.

It is not currently known why the streaming platform had to close its doors, but it left a few very popular streamers who are now looking for a new home. Among them are the two streaming greats Shroud and Ninja.

So the two of them came out of their contract with full payment and are now hotly traded. According to esports insider Slasher, Facebook Gaming is said to have offered the two of them to double their contracts. For Shroud it should have been a $ 20 million offer and for Ninja a $ 60 million offer.

Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect also got wind of these sums. He himself has had more streamers in the past criticized for switching to mixer. He had already received offers from Mixer, which he obviously refused. He seems to regret this decision a little now.

In a stream he gives an imitation of Shroud for the best and shows a bit frustrated when he notes that Shroud is said to have received ten million dollars for just eight months as a streamer at Mixer.

“Oh thank you Doc for welcoming me back. Yeah, I knew all along that they would pay me $ 10 million for 8 months of work. F ** k! “

It’s hard to say what Dr Disrespect’s little outburst of anger ends up being. His alter ego for his streams has a habit of being aggressive for entertainment purposes.

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Shroud and Ninja with their popularity will certainly not have big problems building a new stream on Twitch or anywhere else. It becomes problematic for the many small streamers on mixers, some of whom are now left with nothing.

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