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Most of them are free websites with which you can follow step by step the lines that you must follow to turn a blank page in Batman, in Pikachu, into Frozen characters. For any level or audience, on any subject.

HelloKids is one of the best websites to download drawings to color but it is also a totally recommended option to learn to draw, especially for the little ones. It has all kinds of drawings for children or crafts, in addition to reading or games. But its most interesting section is that of drawing lessons for children where we can follow tutorials on all kinds of animals and creatures. For example, it will teach you how to draw dinosaurs in various stages with simple steps that you can copy.

One of the advantages of these tutorials is that you can print them so that the little ones can easily copy them without having to be glued to the screen for hours. You will be able to print the tutorials to draw fruits, vehicles, animals. And they can copy them on paper without having the screen as a guide.


If what you are looking for are the best websites to draw for children, Dibujos.net is another of the essentials that should not be missing in the browser’s favorites. For the little ones and the not so little ones who are beginning to get familiar with the pencil and the rubber. There are videos that you can find in the “How to draw” section and you can follow them step by step or repeat them as many times as you want until the steps you must follow are clear to you. You will find all kinds of designs to learn how to draw: from Frozen, anime, simple, in 3D, from comic characters or princesses or cute style or Star Wars characters.

You can follow step by step what you should do and increase the difficulty as you have mastered a level or a specific type of drawing. The catalog is vast and is one of the best websites that you will find whatever you want to put down on paper: characters from video games, series, The Simpsons, footballers, animals or you will even get a realistic style for the most experienced or to handle the pens. Enough with choose the category you want and automatically the web page will show you the available videos.

If you can’t draw, you can always color. From the “Drawings” section you will find all kinds of designs available to print and color at any level and on any theme, from wine bottles or soda cans to congratulations and robots.


If you are looking something much more professional than the previous two, there are. On the Internet you will find many websites to learn how to draw like a true expert. In Artyfactory you will find tutorials to draw pencil portraits, color portraits, animals, landscapes or to improve the perspective of the drawings. All the lessons and all the styles are explained step by step with more technical instructions that you should know.go step by step until you get the final result. Notes, tricks and tips on one of the best websites to learn to draw if you want to take it seriously.

Artyfactory - Learn to draw

If you do not know how to draw but want to start, the Drawings for painting website has a lot of very interesting lessons because not only will you see what to do step by step but you will will show technical or relevant information such as the importance of composition and balance, color theory, recommended drawing materials. His drawing course will allow you to have information through an agenda that has little to envy to that of an academy with different sections that you can overcome: history of drawing, drawing materials, position to draw, start to artistic drawing.

Once you know the theory, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to draw cars, to draw animals, to draw caricatures with types of faces, eyes, ears, mouths … Unlike this, this website is suitable for children’s use but also for adults if we are looking for something basic.

Drawings to paint

The smallest and those who do not want to learn to draw but to have an immediate result have How to draw it, like some of the first websites on this list. Can learn to draw any kind of animal to go through your head: penguins, lions, sheep, frogs, hippos, octopuses, cats. Beyond animals you will also find other lessons on how to draw faces, how to draw eyes or expressions with examples and as you want to show someone sad, angry, happy, cold. There are many examples that it has and it is a very visual page if you simply want to copy and use it.

Another highlight of this website is that it has coloring pages with designs that are not as childish as we usually find. You will see stars, flowers, books or fairies that you can print to color by hand or to trace, copy, etc.

How to draw it draw

You can choose the category and level. Drawing Coach is one of the most complete and dedicated to learning step by step what we must do to make the animal we want to draw look like what we have done. You can choose between different categories: animals, people, drawings, portraits, cartoons. Once inside each section you can find the different designs, choose the one you want and you will see step by step what you should do. In addition, you will not only see the image with what it is necessary to draw but also You will find an explanation of why or how. Of course, the website is in English, although you can use the translator if you need to translate it into Spanish or if you need a child to understand it. It will also be easy to understand without reading the instructions, just following the step-by-step drawings.

Drawing coach

Drawing well is a website that allows us to take an online course, for a fee, to discover the method and start designing your own works. Also hay free option with an ebook or a kind of guide that you can get just by subscribing with your email and that can be basic to start. Online drawing classes are well available for different levels and they are recorded so you can go at your own pace or see them when you need to. There are twelve lessons that will take place every week and that you can follow. And prices will vary depending on whether you want to follow the classes or want personalized corrections to all your drawings. From 49 euros per month you can have this online academy if you want to take it more seriously than simply follow the previous tutorials.

Draw well

Although in English, Drawspace is one of the best websites if you are looking for courses and drawing lessons. You can learn using different techniques and there is content for any level, from beginners to experts. There are more than 500 lessons available that you can consult and pay courses but also free that you can try and add to the basket at no cost. Of course, you will have to register to access some of the learning, but not all. Like others on this list it’s in english and it is somewhat more complex than some of the previous ones.

Draw space

This website is not intended to teach you how to draw step by step but to go a little further and show you all kinds of information, tips and advices about drawing and art in general. You have very interesting topics on how to choose colors, how to choose lightness or saturation or on composition or background and figure: why is it so hard to find Wally? There are also exercises on all the lessons beyond the theory and everything is in Spanish to make it easy to understand.

This page is free and there are many examples, tricks and curiosities with which you can get the perfect finish, the one you really want. Many ideas to perfect the technique in all aspects. One of the best websites to learn to draw and one of the most complete in terms of theory: you will not limit yourself to copying an outline to achieve the final result, but you will learn to do it yourself.

Easy drawing - Learn to draw webs

The design can be a bit chaotic and uncomfortable but it is one of the best pages once you get the hang of it and know how to find what you are looking for. The interface is very improvable and can be uncomfortable but the content will be worth it if you want something very simple for children or to learn from scratch, from the easiest way.

Basically you will have to go to the top menu and choose “lessons” where a drop-down menu will open with all the available designs: animals, birds, cars, Star Wars, Pokemon, superheroes, dragons. Once here you can choose between all the categories within that section. For example, types of fruits, dragons or the character you want from Star Wars. Chosen the character you will see what should you do step by step in a very simple way: circles and lines that will end up becoming an ewok or a Pikachu.

Like others on the list, one of the advantages of this website is that the tutorials are not on video so you can perfectly download the images to consult them anywhere, take them on a trip or even print them for children to follow. They are also very simple with easy to follow steps and it will hardly be necessary to put stripes and circles to complete the steps until we finally get the promised result.

How to draw - Learn to draw online

The web design it is very visual, simple and intuitive and that’s why it is one of our favorites to learn to draw. You can see the creations of other users from “artwork” or go to the “tuts” section to search for lessons uploaded by the community itself. Each drawing will have a series of likes, comments or a “seen” icon so you know which is the most popular. You can also filter by difficulty or by categories (animals, anime, princesses …)

The catalog of drawings is impressive and there are designs of all kinds depending on the person who uploaded them to the web. Once you have chosen the one you want you will see the steps that are necessary to complete it but one of the most interesting things is that you will find related drawings or drawings by the same author. Another of the great advantages of this website and that makes it one of our favorites is that you can click on “print” and the page will automatically be set up to print the tutorial step by step on a single sheet and for free.


YouTube channels

Beyond the web pages there are a large number of YouTube channels with short video tutorials and all kinds of instructions to get to draw any character. We will not be able to learn drawing but we will have a striking result with the most famous characters on television or in video games, superheroes, heroes, villains, etc.

Doodle academy

It is not a website as such but a YouTube channel but totally recommended for those who want video tutorials thanks to the number of drawings you can find. Video clips of about 10, 15 or 20 minutes in which he will explain the different simple lessons with different materials: waxes, watercolors, temperas. Much color and very basic explanations suitable for the little ones.

Cartoon for children how to draw

The characters of this YouTube channel will captivate us and the videos are made very slowly so that you can easily copy what they do on screen and reproduce it on paper. You can have Eden Hazard, the Pink Panther or a Minion depending on the tutorial you choose. You can take a global look at all the designs and choose the one you like the most or filter by categories according to the theme. Almost all the videos have a duration of between 10 minutes and 20 minutes although it will depend on the difficulty of each doll and how long it takes to do it. Of course, the end result is very professional and fun with little effort.

Drawing 4 Kids

Similar to the previous one and from the same creators we have Drawing 4 Kids, a YouTube channel identical to the previous one, although in this case with simpler and easier to follow designs for children to do. The strokes are simpler and we find other categories such as cartoons or food. How to make an ice cream, how to make a Peppa Pig, how to draw Pocoyo or how to draw Batman. The videos last about ten minutes and you don’t have to be an expert to get the final design.

Art of Kids Hub

For the little ones, Art of Kids hub is a page with very simple and basic drawings for children. The strokes are very simple and the “grace” of this YouTube channel is that we will see on one side the adult who indicates the steps and on the other the child who follows them. The drawing will not always come out perfectly but it is suitable for any age and for beginners. Of course, like many others, this channel is in English although it is enough to look at the images to follow it.

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