Dreamscaper announced for release on August 14th

Moody Action RPG Dreamscaper has just been confirmed as a Steam Early Access title for release on August 14, along with a new trailer that shows how the game is developing. Dreamscaper continues the rich tradition of media such as Midnight Patrol, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Inception by focusing on characters who deliberately enter a dream world where anything can happen. The dream world shown in Dreamscaper looks picturesque and is full of all sorts of hostile creatures from beyond.

The developer Afterburn Studios says:

“Dreamscaper is an ethereal experience that puts you in an endless cycle of dreaming and awakening as protagonist Cassidy fights against devilish nightmares in Hack’n’Slash gameplay to uncover the secret to her life. in which every sleep is a different surreal nightmare and a new ordeal to overcome, you have to navigate through this ever changing world and face unique events and challenges every night. In the dream landscape everything is possible that can attack you in a variety of ways Cassidy’s terrifying mental demons, from finger guns and yo-yo to tearing up the earth beneath you or even controlling time itself. “

During the waking day you will build relationships with other characters in the game, advance the story and improve your skills. During the night sleep phase, you will fight with the various nightmare animals that are chasing your dreams and continue exploring the dream landscape.

This early release release is said to help generate more detailed feedback so that they can optimize the story and gameplay before it is fully released next year.

If early access in August is not early enough for you, there is also a free prologue chapter on Steam with the practical title “Dreamscaper Prologue”. They say this contains four to six hours of content and shows you the early stages of both history and combat mechanics.

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