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DualSense controller, Pulse 3D and 1080p Camera

DualSense controller, Pulse 3D and 1080p Camera

This is the DualSense of PS5 in 360º

Starting with the controller, Sony has included new images in great detail on the peripherals, including a 360º view of command. In addition to this new complete view of the controller, Sony has revealed that the controller will have software updates, in addition to those that the console itself will receive. We can see this in the section of the controller, where it says “Always update the software of your PS5 system and the controller to the latest version”.

This gives us to understand that Sony will be introducing improvements also oriented to the command, although we do not know what they may be. Some might be better optimization of battery usage, or new functionality for haptic triggers. This is one more reason why it is clear that we will not be able to use the PS4 controller on PS5, because it seems that the games are going to exploit to the maximum the new functionalities of the DualSense.

dualsense vs dualshock 4 comparative

The camera will allow to erase the background

We also find a 360º view of the camera, which will record video on Full HD. In addition, thanks to the use of a double lens, the camera will be able remove the background using software, being able to replace it with a personalized image or leave it empty. This will be ideal for those who want to broadcast their image while playing.

About headphones Pulse 3D new details have also been revealed. In them we will find two hidden microphones intended for noise cancellation and so that our voice can be heard with complete clarity, in addition to having a wireless adapter to connect to PS5, PS4, PC or macOS. The headphones battery will last 12 hours. We will also have touch controls to mute the microphone, or adjust different volumes separately, such as that of games and chat.

Finally, they have also given details about the remote control to navigate through the multimedia menus of the console and be able to use it when watching movies, series, videos or apps on the console. We can even control our television if it is among the devices compatible with our remote.

Unfortunately, the only product we were most interested in with a 360º view, the console, is not available, so we still don’t know the connectivity at the back. We will have to wait a few days to meet him.

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