Dukto APK Download v6.5.5 | Latest version 11.04MB

Dukto MOT: If you are the one who often needs to send files and data from PC to different gadgets, the application can simplify the whole procedure. Without worrying about the permissions, service clients and protocols, the amazing application performs the task very quickly for all users.

It results in clear communication between different departments of an organization. The application’s interface appears identical in the Android and Windows applications. The front panel of the device seems similar in Windows and Android smartphones.

Download Dukto APK

It has all options directly in front of it, so that the users can choose them without delay.

What is Dukto APK?

Download the latest version Dukto APK
Download latest version Dukto APK

Dukto APK is a handy application that works well on a PC to transfer files and folders all the way to another device. The zero configuration app has the following main features

The open source project is directly available via the internet for desktop and mobile phones. Sharing different data between digital gadgets becomes very easy with the file transfer application that does not need to be configured or used with the cable connection.

When transferring files from the computer to a mobile phone, it is always necessary to use a cable connection most of the time. Fortunately, the Dukto application allows you to send files from various sources without a cable connection. In addition, the app fully supports user privacy. It helps to connect the mobile devices to the desktop.

File information

Name Dukto
Type MOT
Version v6.5.5
Size 11.04MB
Compatible devices Android, PC and iOS
Last updated August 2020


The simple multi-platform file transfer application sends folders and text files that can be easily navigated. The application works explicitly on a LAN connection and supports sending text folders and files on a Windows IOS for Android and LINUX operating systems.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast file transfer
  • no configuration required
  • No internet connection or server required
  • Send and receive text fragment
  • Open the received files
  • Full Unicode support

How to download and install Dukto APK for Windows?

The software is available for Windows and Mac operating system.

  • You need to install the Dukto application on at least two devices to make sure everything works smoothly.
  • Provide the IP address of the device and make sure you can type and establish the necessary link.
  • Once you have successfully established a link, it will be possible to choose the device to transfer the text-based information and files.
  • This is usually done by selecting the appropriate option after selecting the method in the program interface. Subsequently, the sending and texting of records takes place.
  • The file transfer progress is displayed on the interface to know the process exactly.
  • Everything is managed very smoothly with the local file transfer.
  • You don’t have to think about the privacy concerns because the third-party environment is not present with the file transfer.
  • Transferring files with absolute privacy and smoothness allows the business to grow better.

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