"Dune" theme evening at Arte: Sci-Fi-Epos also available online for a certain time

“Picture: Arte / © Universal Pictures”.

Hollywood star Kyle MacLachlan was asked a few years ago on Twitter to explain the plot of the sci-fi classic to laypeople. Arte is trying this tonight with an extensive “Dune” theme evening.

MacLachlan, who had his first appearance as an actor in the science fiction epic from 1984, summarized the plot in emojis at the time. He used 41 little pictures. A worm appears twice. Indeed, the giant sandworms that snake their way through the desert are what still come to mind even after many years.

At the time, critics accused the work of superficiality and length in the script. This is doing the film a little injustice. Even if “Dune” does not come close to the original book by Frank Herbert from 1965, the epic from the power struggle of the aristocratic families in the desert to small supporting roles is filled with excellent stars and is well worth seeing. Directed by David Lynch.

Lynch’s progressive colleague Alejandro Jodorowski also tried the material. A documentary about his never completed “Dune” film project. The Chilean actors Orson Welles, David Carradine, Mick Jagger and Salvador Dalí envisaged the set-up by Moebius (alias Jean Giraud) and H. R. Giger (including “Alien”), accompanied by film music by Pink Floyd and Magma. His son Brontis Jodorowsky, still a teenager, should also get a leading role. But unfortunately the donors withdrew.

On Sunday, “Dune – the desert planet” will initially be broadcast at Arte’s prime time. The film will then be available in the media library until August 16. The documentary about Jodorowski’s “Dune” project will then run at 10.30 pm. The documentary is still available until September 8th on the Arte homepage or via Youtube.[bey/dpa]

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  • Dune – The desert planet: Arte via https://www.arte.tv/sites/presse/programm/2020-08-09/031665-000-A/

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