DXRacer Formula Series Review 2020

Anyone who has ever tried to play understands what it takes to have a complete gaming setup. The setup typically includes the gaming rig, impressive monitors, keyboard, mouse, headsets, and chair.

Yes, you read it correctly. You need a gaming chair. When you consider that you may be playing for hours, it is important to have a comfortable chair that will help you.

One of these gaming chairs is the DXRacer Formula chairs. The chairs in this series are comfortable and will make life easier for a player. There may be other models, but we’ll look at what makes this model the best.

DXRacer Formula Series

Our rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

(4,3 / 5)

Color options

The color options have long been helping people decide which chair is the best. The Formula series comprises around 40 models from which you can choose. Compared to the other gaming chair lines, this is the most successful. This is mainly due to the variety you can get when buying.

Of the various models on offer, it is certain that you will love one or even more.

You can select up to 12 colors from the colors. The chairs are available in common colors such as orange, blue, green, gray, white, yellow and much more. The interesting colors should be coffee. If you like your coffee so much, you should be able to use something.

If we go by gender, women are likely to choose the pink chair. Well, some men may also like the color.


Many things help make a game seat the best. The design is very important as it determines what you can do with the model.

There are three options for this row of seats when it comes to seat covers. You can use either vinyl in fabric, polyurethane or carbon look. Of course, for many, they will choose the covering material.

The fabric material is often considered more comfortable and is good for someone with pets. Pets cannot dig their claws into the seat and leave traces.

Another thing is that fabric is also cheap and does not heat up compared to the other surfaces. The fabric used for this seat is breathable. So don’t expect to sweat if you choose him today.

We are still under construction and can still see the upholstery. When you touch the backrest and the bottom, you should feel that they have the best upholstery. You never have to worry about the upholstery to sink after using the seat for just a few months.


When it comes to gaming, you need the best ergonomics you can get to have a good time. Without the comfort, playing doesn’t take more than an hour. What are some of the ergonomic features of this seat?

The first thing you’ll like is the adjustable backrest. It is possible to adjust the backrest so that it is inclined up to 135 degrees. That’s a lot of adjustability from where it was. Another thing is that you have 12 positions to adjust.

The ability to tilt the backrest completely helps to find a position to rest. You may have to rest a few minutes before you can continue playing. This helps you a lot.

You can also set it up so that movies can be viewed. All you have to do is put on your headsets to relax.

Unlike other counterparts, you will find that this model is equipped with adjustable armrests. This is not common with these office or play chairs. You can have the armrest in the right position for comfort. It is also worth noting that the armrest is also heavily padded to still offer the best comfort.

To keep you focused on the game, the seat comes with a headrest and lumbar cushion. These two are important to give you the right back and neck support while playing.

DXRacer Formula Series Review

The base

It is important to point out that this seat is heavier than an average office chair. This depends on the build quality.

The base of this seat must be stable and durable. You get that with this model. In contrast to the chairs, which break easily after a few months, this will take years.

Durability is improved by making the base from strong materials like silver and aluminum.

The five spokes for the best are about giving you more stability. It also helps in carrying more weight without necessarily crumbling. It can easily hold weight up to 200 pounds. for the height of about 5 feet 9 inches.

The wheels

In this case the wheels are called rollers. These are the little wheels that help move the seats.

The roles of the DXRacer are easy to move. You will have a smooth sliding movement every time you use it.

If you use it on a carpet, it may stick to another surface on which the seat slides easily.

DXRacer Formula Series reviews


The guarantee often determines whether the model will last for years or not. In this case, the manufacturer grants a lifetime guarantee on the steel frame and a 2-year guarantee on the parts. You can feel confident that it will take longer.


  • You get different options when it comes to colors
  • It’s very pleasant for gamers to like it
  • The seat is fully customizable
  • It offers a variety of settings for more convenience


  • It is expensive for most people
  • Limited weight for the heavier people


Overall, it should be easy for you to choose this game seat today for what it has to offer. It is available in several colors so you can choose what you like. It also offers impressive comfort to ensure that playing for long sessions is fun. There is no doubt that you want exactly that for a playground.

As high as the price may be, you will find that it is worth all the money you can spend on it.

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