€ 40 free, 3% discount on everything – the credit card is now even better with the app

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You can save money at Amazon and other retailers if you use the VISA credit card from Amazon and Landesbank Berlin. Prime customers receive up to 3% cashback on purchases from Amazon and 40 euros for free. The offer can also be worthwhile for non-Prime customers. With the accompanying app, you can use the card even more effectively. GIGA explains the advantages and what needs to be considered.


Amazon credit card: Get 40 euros for free

Update on 08/12/2020:

If you shop a lot at Amazon and are looking for a way to collect really useful cashback points, you should take a look at the Amazon credit card. The initial offer from Amazon is still valid and brings you to the application 40 euros Amazon starting credit a. With the new “Amazon.de VISA Card” app for iOS and Android, you can easily keep an eye on your expenses and Amazon points.

As an Amazon Prime user, you should get a VISA credit card from Amazon and Landesbank Berlin (LBB). Because in addition to a credit of 3% on all purchases on Amazon (Non-Prime customers: 2%) and 0.5% on everything that you buy elsewhere with it, whether online or offline, you will now also get 40 euros Amazon credit at the start (previously 30 euros). Almost a no-brainer.

Amazon credit card – important questions answered

Which conditions do I have to fullfill?

  • Be of legal age and live in Germany.
  • One-time identification via PostIdent or VideoIdent procedure.

What are my advantages?

  • For all customers: 40 euros starting credit, usable at Amazon
  • As a Prime customer: Up to 3% credit on all purchases on Amazon
  • Without Prime: 2% credit on all purchases on Amazon
  • For all customers: 0.5% on all other purchases by credit card as a credit to Amazon
  • As a Prime customer: No ticket price
  • As a non-Prime customer: No ticket price in the first year, then 19.99 euros per year
  • You can cancel Amazon credit cards at any time

What disadvantages do I have to accept?

Basically no if you are a Prime customer is. As a non-Prime customer, you have to work out whether the annual basic fee from the 2nd year is worth the credits you receive. In purely mathematical terms, the card is only worthwhile if you spend more than 1,000 euros a year on Amazon – 2% of 1,000 euros is 20 euros and therefore the annual fee for the credit card. Such Amazon “power users” usually have a Prime membership anyway. In our opinion, Prime is worthwhile for almost everyone. GIGA.DE provides an overview of the Amazon Prime advantages. If you want, you can test Amazon Prime for 30 days free of charge and see for yourself.

Horse feet? Not if you use your credit card cleverly: As with all credit cards, you do should avoid negative account balances, in good German: credit card debt. Because for this, comparatively high interest of almost 15% per year is due. The best thing to do is to set the “desired repayment rate of credit card payment” when you apply for 100% of the amount to be debited monthly. So you play it safe and save the costs with interest. By the way, you can load credit onto your credit card at any time via current account transfer, so that you do not slip into the negative area at all.

How do I use the percentage bonuses?

Depending on the Prime / Non-Prime status, you get points credited to your Amazon account according to the percentage after a purchase on Amazon or elsewhere. For example, if you are a Prime member on Amazon, spend 10 euros, i.e. 30 points – one point corresponds to 0.01 euros, 30 points would be 30 cents. If you buy elsewhere, it’s still 0.5%. These are very small sums, but they “pay for themselves” quickly and after a few months produce substantial sums – depending on how much you pay with your credit card. Just as an example: Filled up twice at the gas station for 50 euros and paid contactless with the Amazon credit card, that means 50 cents on your Amazon credit account.

You can see the score in the login area of ​​the credit card management:

In the banking portal for the Amazon credit card, you can see your current point balance and find out how much credit you have already gained over the entire year.

The next time you buy Amazon, you have the option of using the points to reduce the price of the goods. To do this, select the credit card as the means of payment at the checkout, update the point balance and redeem the points.

You can use the points when paying on Amazon.de.

How do I settle my credit card account?

All payment will be made by monthly direct debit balanced. You can also transfer money if necessary, the account details can be found in the login area.

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What about interest?

The interest rate is currently at 14.98% eff. Annual rate. In order to avoid interest payments, we advise you to set the repayment rate to 100% at the start of use. This means that at the end of a billing period, everything is debited by direct debit that has been paid on the credit card during the month.

Is there a credit limit?

Yes. When you receive the card, that’s 210 euros; after successful identification via PostIdent / VideoIdent, you can usually access 2,500 euros.

Can my partner also use the card?

There is the option of one Partner card to set up at no additional cost. The partner must also use the Post or VideoIdent procedure to identify themselves. Because there is only one start-up credit for a partner card, from our point of view it would be smarter to apply for two separate credit cards.

Can I pay contactless with the Amazon credit card?

Yes, the card has one NFC chip. You can use it to make contactless payments almost anywhere. A PIN is required for larger amounts (currently mostly from 50 euros) – we recommend that you set it up early.

If you want to use your mobile phone for contactless payments instead of the card, this is currently only possible to a limited extent. Apple Pay is currently not supported by the card, Google Pay only via PayPal.

My conclusion

Personally, I use the Amazon credit card for almost all payments in everyday life, it’s convenient and the credit collected in this way is a great “extra income” for me. With this credit I have already saved hundreds of euros. The card is worthwhile for me because I am a Prime customer, buy a lot on Amazon anyway and make sure to balance my credit card account every month. It is a bit of a shame that the card cannot yet be linked to Google Pay without going through PayPal. As far as I know, there is nothing better than an alternative to the Apple Card available in Germany.

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