Edeka sells prepaid annual tickets in the Telekom network at a hammer price

Image source: Edeka

Some time ago, Aldi Talk introduced an annual package with which you can spend the whole year carefree with the prepaid tariff. Edeka now has something similar on offer, but it is implemented in the telecommunications network and offers some advantages.

Edeka Smart annual package with a discount

Edeka is a little different than Aldi. The annual package includes a starting credit of 30 euros and you get 9x 10 euros credit so that, according to the description, you can book the “Smart M” tariff 13 times, which costs around 10 euros. Instead of 126.68 euros, you currently only have to pay 97.44 euros. If you take your own number with you, you get another 25 euros.

The advantage over Aldi Talk? You get 2 LTE data volumes each month, instead of 12 GB for a whole year, which you can consume immediately. So you don’t run the risk of using up the entire data volume too early and then having to re-book it at great expense. Here you can simply book again every month. All of this in the Telekom network with a maximum of 300 Mbit / s, so that you can use the maximum performance of the network. You can also use the Telekom hotspots free of charge.

Image source: Edeka

But there is also a small disadvantage if you want to use the Edeka annual package. The call minutes are only 200 minutes per month. So there is no flat-rate telephone in all networks. Free SMS are also not included. It is only free if you make calls or send text messages on the telecom network. One should keep that in mind. A messenger like WhatsApp is a good alternative to SMS.

Cancel the contract and save money:

For whom is the Edeka annual package worthwhile?

For everyone who is looking for a good prepaid tariff in the Telekom network. With 2 GB there is enough LTE data volume with no speed limit. You just have to be careful when making calls or text messages. Otherwise the current offer is pretty attractive. EU roming is of course included. In addition, you will receive 5 euros credit on your card every year for your birthday.

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