Elitetorrent new domain July 2020: access torrent download portal

We have to go back to 2017 to know the closing of the original EliteTorrent portal. After 13 years Active and offering torrent downloads, their administrators decided it was time to move on to something else. Those responsible for this original project made the leap to eliteros.com, a website dedicated to film lovers, but far from the world of piracy and downloads. Here we can share likes, reviews, ratings, recommendations, watch news and videos, but nothing related to downloading.

Several projects tried to build on the portal’s success to continue its legacy, but many are mere copies or malicious clones with not too many good intentions. To give you an idea, many of these portals offer us a .zip file that hides a .vbs script inside it instead of the .torrent file. This is the first thing that should make us suspect the validity of this portal.

New EliteTorrent domain in July 2020

Keeping track of EliteTorrent dominance is not easy. This year it has already had four domains with which it has just released. Firstly, it launched www.elitetorrent.li in February, later came www.elitetorrent.bz in March and finally www.elitetorrent.nl. This is the one that has been running smoothly till the date.


However, a few days ago they had to enable a new primary domain. In this case, we talk about www.elitetorrent.to. It is the geographic top level domain (ccTLD) for Tonga, a country that also has registered domains from other popular torrent download portals.

With www.elitetorrent.to we already lose the account of the domains activated since closing from the original domain. Some of the longest-lived were elitetorrent.biz and later elitetorrent.io, although we can’t forget elitetorrent.one or elitetorrent.tv either. Furthermore, clones with similar domains appear uncontrolled every day.

For this, the official website offers a special section for report fake clones and sites who use the name EliteTorrent with malicious intent. These clones copy the design, but hide scripts, viruses, and other malware.

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