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Empty stadiums: Sky produces stadium sound for Champions and Europa League finals

Empty stadiums: Sky produces stadium sound for Champions and Europa League finals

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In order to drown out the silence of the empty grandstands, Sky Deutschland offers an artificial stadium sound for Bundesliga matches. UEFA has now commissioned the broadcaster to produce the background noise for the Champions and Europa League final tournaments as well.

No fan chants and goal celebrations, only the calls of the players and coaches can be heard: The football matches lack the usual stadium sound due to the corona. Some viewers like it, others can’t get used to it. For them, Sky Deutschland has developed a second, selectable, audio option that pretends full stadiums for Bundesliga matches.

UEFA probably liked the concept because it has now commissioned Sky Deutschland to provide the stadium sound service for the Champions League and Europa League finals as a service provider. The audio option is supposed to mimic a realistic stadium sound – created with different audio layers, in a complex process from sound recordings of previous games from the same clubs. The audio offer should be available to fans worldwide.

Some of the production will take place on site in the stadiums and in the Sky production facilities in Unterföhring. From the conception of the sound samples to live mixing and editing by its specially trained sound directors, Sky Deutschland will offer an end-to-end service in close cooperation with UEFA and the respective host broadcasters.

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