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End of Windows 10 biannual updates for Windows 10X

End of Windows 10 biannual updates for Windows 10X

Microsoft itself explains the operation of Windows 10 on its website, beginning by highlighting that before Windows 10, the company released new versions of Windows every few years. This imposed a learning burden on users, because feature reviews used to be important. Starting with the new system, minor feature updates are delivered twice a year, around in March and September. This also ensures application compatibility for much longer.

Windows 10X could change everything

The Redmond-based company is reportedly preparing to change this approach to Windows 10 by updating only once a year. In fact, of the two recent updates, the fall update has been more of a Service pack what a great update like spring. In addition, this is joined by the arrival of Windows 10X in spring 2021.

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Moving from two major biannual updates to one update annual only It would be one of the most important changes in Windows 10 strategy since its launch. This can be seen from both the most optimistic and pessimistic point of view. To see favorable aspects, the firm would have much more time to test the novelties and these would arrive more polished, reducing problems for users.

This year the strategy would not be touched at all, so we will continue to have another update in the fall during the months of October or November. However, everything points to Microsoft announcing this change for the 2021, year in which only an update of the operating system will arrive during the summer.

Starting in 2021, Microsoft will have “Two” operating systems in the domestic market with Windows 10 on the one hand and Windows 10X on the other hand. Focusing on launching only one update a year with polished and well-tested news for each of them may not be a bad solution.

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