endangered by a security breach


If you have in your hand a smartphone with Snapdragon processorYou may be vulnerable to one of the many security flaws these devices present at this time. A recent report warns of a specific vulnerability present in mobiles that integrate these Qualcomm chips and that can compromise user privacy or render your device unusable.

It has been the firm specialized in security Chef Point, those who have discovered more than 400 vulnerabilities code in Qualcomnm’s Snapdragon processors’ DSPs. Nicknamed Achilles, this security flaw reaches an alarming level of severity, as it affects millions of Android devices around the world.

Danger of attack

As detailed, the team keeps the details secret to prevent malicious use of these vulnerabilities. However, it is stated that the consequences can be serious, since the attackers could, if necessary, record calls silently, steal personal data, install viruses or malware or even render a smartphone unusable. Check Point has not revealed the level of difficulty involved in exploiting this security flaw, something common in order not to encourage or challenge cybercriminals to find the key and exploit the vulnerability.

Snapdragon 730G

In addition, smartphone manufacturers have the ability to solve the problem themselves, so it must be the manufacturer of the processor, (Qualcomm in this case) who addresses the problem and launches its corresponding solution. Fortunately, the company has admitted these security flaws and they claim that solutions are on the way. To try to reassure users, representatives of the firm assure that at the moment there are no signs of active “exploits” of this security hole.

Millions of mobile phones affected

The quiet is at least temporary, as a massive exploitation of Achilles could put millions of users at serious risk, since approximately 40% of the mobiles sent worldwide during 2019, integrate a Snapdragon processor, in popular brands such as Samsung, LG or Xiaomi.

Once again, the need to keep devices updated to security levels. However, in most cases it is almost a privilege to receive an Android security patch. In these cases Qualcomm or Google provide extended support for Android devices, but sometimes it is the manufacturer that takes time to implement these security solutions.

Written by David Girao

Source> Android Authority

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