Epic Game Store gets Mod support in Beta – WePC

The official website for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries goes into some details and shows some of their favorite mods that are already available. Or you can browse all mods that are available here.

It is not yet clear how this process works. We don’t know if Epic itself, developer or publisher or maybe the player community will have the burden of curating the most interesting mods for the future. It is also not exactly clear how the submission process for different mods works. It is also not clear whether any work will be done to ensure compatibility between different mods or with game updates. Hopefully Epic will go into more detail on how exactly mod support works in the Epic Game Store in due course.

We saw games like Segas A Total War Saga: Troy that had to stop mod support altogether due to the switch from Steam to the Epic Games Store. This could possibly be fixed if mod support could also be added for this game. Hopefully all games in the Epic Game Store can get mod support over time.

You have not yet described whether other titles will receive mod support or how long this beta phase is expected to last, but overall this is a positive step that takes Epic Game Store another step closer to providing a well-rounded and sophisticated platform for the Buy to be games. It would be great to see them smoothing out their buying process by offering a shopping cart, solving all the problems they seem to have with price inconsistencies and confusing promotions during their various sales, and maybe we could imagine a future in which that People might decide to use Epic Game Store as a preference, rather than because Epic continues to pay publishers to remove games from competing stores.

Modding is one of the cornerstones of PC games, where games can be improved or even repaired with the right mod by adding the right features or functions. If you are generally interested in mods, you should read our weekly column “Monday Mods”, where we highlight an interesting mod every week.

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