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We always want to hope for the best in games, even in cases where it appears that a game is fundamentally flawed or misguided in any way. In the case of the Rocket Arena, there is a laundry list of potential complaints that could have been addressed before the release. The name is more general, the aesthetic and character design looks like putting a number of other popular games in a mixer hoping something interesting will come out, and it was released as a paid game on a market The greatest rivals are all free to play.

The odds were stacked against the Rocket Arena from the start, although it is difficult to identify a single change that could have helped attract positive attention. Perhaps more original character designs have made it stand out from the crowd, maybe a more interesting premise would have drawn players, or maybe asking $ 30 in advance for a game that is already facing a tough battle would never work.

EA may have tackled one of the biggest problems with Rocket Arena: the upfront price. Less than two weeks since its release, EA has lowered the price of Rocket Arena from $ 29.99 / £ 24.99 to $ 4.99 / £ 4.16. The cheaper price, which represents a 83% discount, is only available from Origin. On Steam, it’s still the full price. I can’t remember the last time an EA game received such a quick and aggressive discount, and it’s not exactly clear what that decision might have caused. Were there so few people who bought it at full price that clear and determined action was needed? Is EA trying to pull players away from Steam and towards Origin? Have there been any internal disagreements about how the game should be sold before launch? I feel that EA is not giving us an explanation, but I’m still excited to see what could have led to this result.

What we definitely haven’t heard is some kind of refund for players who have been tempted to buy this at full price. Of course, every time you buy a game, there is a risk that you will pay more than you might get if you wait a little longer, but it is unprecedented for a game to be rated by EA this way. It’s almost as if EA wants to send the message that players should not buy EA games on the first day, but should wait a few weeks for an aggressive discount. Will future EA games follow this price trend?

In a saturated market with very successful games like Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, TF2, Apex Legends and others, you really have to do a lot to stand out. So far, the Rocket Arena has not only not attracted a wide audience, but has also punished those who bought it at full price when it was released. These are the players you should do right. Maybe EA is offering some kind of refund for people who bought it before the 83% discount, or maybe they just keep the money, thank you.

Despite all her mistakes, it is unusual for EA to drop the ball like this. Even in the case of Anthem, their last big fumble, it was very successful from the start, but the problems only started to appear after the release.

What will happen now Does EA hope to generate a large number of players with this discount and hopes that this can support the game? Will this drop in prices be permanent? Is this a step towards playing this game for free? We really don’t know. At the moment, the game’s official Twitter account hasn’t even mentioned this discount. You would have thought that if you had an 83% discount, you’d like to get the word out. It looks like amateur lesson stuff and it’s a shame because it’s not necessary at all and a lot of people have worked hard on this game. Did EA send this game to die? It feels like they didn’t know exactly what to do with it, so they just released it and hoped for the best. Perhaps this will make your portfolio look more diverse than just annual sports titles, Battlefield, Need for Speed ​​and Star Wars. The first season of the game has just started, although I really don’t know if it is really the smartest move to buy a Battle Pass in your game that people haven’t paid for yet. Maybe there is 4D chess here that I don’t see, and EA is actually secretly doing something very clever, but it alludes to me, if so.

What do you think of this and are you interested in this title? Did the price of $ 29.99 scare you off when it was released? Are you going to jump on this sale? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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