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Esther Schweins will soon be spinning through "Die Kanzlei"

Esther Schweins will soon be spinning through "Die Kanzlei"

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Love comes on quiet paws. And something creeps into the new season of the ARD lawyer series “Die Kanzlei”. A new prosecutor, on the other hand, rumbles loudly. Esther Schweins plays again – and loves the verbal battles with Herbert Knaup in the courtroom.

For the past five years, the evening series “Die Kanzlei” has been a quota guarantee in the first place. As the successor to the series “The Fat Man” with Dieter Pfaff, the lawyers series has long since found its loyal fans. The last episode of season three had watched nearly five million television viewers. The fourth season starts on Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. – and it has a few twists and a new prosecutor with hair on her teeth.

After the fire in their old offices, Isabel von Brede (Sabine Postel) and Markus Gellert (Herbert Knaup) have to temporarily move their offices together temporarily in the garden house of a nudist club and later in Gellert’s apartment. In this way, they get closer at first professionally and finally also privately. At the same time, they have to fight the new prosecutor Barbara Geldermann, who wants to prove that the law firm, which was in economic distress, set the fire itself.

As a tough and adamant prosecutor, actress Esther Schweins is convincing. The 50-year-old is in front of the camera for nine of a total of 13 new episodes and is tough on Brede and Gellert. “I like to remember the text battles with Herbert Knaup. Because we keep each other’s pleadings at the same time, so that we can really call up the text in a manifest manner, ”said Schweins of the German Press Agency in Hamburg.

The role of the strict, buttoned Geldermann has nothing in common with her. The character is nevertheless impressive: This applies above all to the “straightforwardness of this woman and her focus, which is actually a deeply masculine attribute”. She wouldn’t necessarily cut a slice of that now. “But it’s not bad,” said Schweins with a laugh.

The actress and director, born in Oberhausen, lives with her children on Mallorca. It is known, among other things, from the program “RTL Saturday Night”. In 2019 she shot for the first time for “Die Kanzlei”.

There were three reasons for choosing “Die Kanzlei”. “On the one hand, it is a reminiscence (memory) of Dieter Pfaff, which I really liked. In his quiet way he accompanied me as a good adviser. ”Secondly, she likes Sabine Postel very much and is friends with Herbert Knaup, as she reveals. The third reason she mentions is that the series has remained true to her basic idea, which was then developed with Dieter Pfaff. “She tells the stories in a deeply human way. That’s why I chose it.”

In addition, she had always wanted to play a public prosecutor. “And that was the first one that was offered to me.” In addition, she was thrilled to meet so many well-known acting colleagues – such as Jörg Schüttauf, Jochen Horst, Peter Jordan, Marek Erhardt, Götz Otto and Christoph M. Listen. That also had an impact on the shooting. “It was nice to see you again. And you get braver with each other, ”says Schweins.

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