Many of you will remember that about three years ago Manzana It had one of its great crises in relation to the devices it sells. A crisis caused by the dreaded planned obsolescence, although it was really related to the degradation of the most degradable component, redundancy, of our devices: the battery. Apple confirmed that they were starting to slow down devices with old batteries, and for this reason several international organizations forced the Cupertino boys to make the change, official, of the batteries cheaper as a measure of protection for users. Now several European consumer associations are charging back to get Apple to compensate its users again.

Specifically they have been Test Achats (Belgium), OCU (Spain), Deco-Proteste (Portugal), AltroConsumo (Italy) and Proteste (Brazil). European companies, except the Brazilian Proteste, whose objective is that Apple pay 60 euros to users who feel cheated to see that Apple follows its planned obsolescence plan. And this why ?, because Apple would follow its plan to artificially shorten the life of its batteries, with the excuse that it slows down the devices as these batteries are “damaged”.

Real or not, I think all manufacturers do similar actions. Obviously everything that protects us as consumers is welcome, and that Apple ends up lowering the price of changing the battery for its devices forever would be great news. That they pay us 60 euros after a complaint that our device is no longer what it was when we bought it, I see it difficult. But what we are allowed more control of our batteries, as we are seeing that they have just incorporated watchOS 7, and as I was saying, a reduction in the price of replacing the batteries, because I think it would be enough. And to you, what do you think of the controversy of the batteries of the iDevices?