Eurosport brings prominent cycling experts on board

Eurosport cycling

The Eurosport crew is growing: With the major cycling highlights in the second half of 2020, the top experts Jens Voigt, Rolf Aldag and Bernhard Eisel will strengthen the cycling team of the Discovery station.

Voigt is one of the most popular German cyclists in the recent past and also leads the trio of experts. The two-time stage winner at the Tour de France and former hour world record holder will be the first time that the complete tour (from August 29 to September 20) will be used for Eurosport, as well as on the other major tours and, as before, also on several classics from Be a lot.

Rolf Aldag is also new to the Eurosport team. The former professional and current official will also strengthen the Eurosport team during the big tours and analyze selected Tour de France stages as well as the Giro d’Italia as experts. The third new entry is the Austrian Bernhard Eisel, who remains an international cycling reporter at Eurosport’s sister streaming service Global Cycling Network (GCN), but will also report on cycling events for Eurosport in the future.

Gernot Bauer, Head of Sports at Eurosport in Germany, says: “Cycling is a core sport in the Eurosport program and we want to deepen storytelling about racing with our experts.”

The growing team of experts and commentators from Eurosport also includes the commentators Karsten Migels, Gerhard Leinauer, Marc Rohde and the experts Jean-Claude Leclercq, Jörg Ludewig, Robert Bengsch, Christian Lichtenberg and now also Voigt, Aldag and Eisel.

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