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Eutelsat Communications has reached an agreement with Bigblu Broadband. This involves the acquisition of the European satellite-based broadband activities.

Bigblu Broadband (BBB) ​​is the largest distributor of satellite-based broadband packages in the European market. The BBB Europe activities to be taken over by Eutelsat are currently expected to include around 50,000 customers and branches in various European countries.

The joint agreement will coincide with the upcoming commissioning of the Eutelsat Konnect satellite, the company announced. This should gradually provide broadband services at full capacity from autumn 2020 and from 2021. Specifically, according to Eutelsat, this should mean high Internet speeds, improved user experience as well as unparalleled economy and flexibility. Especially in regions in Germany, Europe and Africa that have so far been unsupervised or undersupplied with broadband Internet services.

With the integration of BBB Europe, Eutelsat should have easier access to end customers. In addition, the group expects more direct control over products, prices and means of distribution. Eutelsat plans to pay an impressive sum of 38 million British pounds for the acquisition of BBB Europe. The deal is expected to close in October.

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