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Eve for Homekit includes a shortcut to check the weather and stop watering

Eve for Homekit includes a shortcut to check the weather and stop watering

Home automation is here to stay. Although it entered with fear a few years ago, it is now possible to buy products that can be contracted with our devices for an affordable price. This allows turning more houses into smarter places that help to lead a life with less worries, in a way and depending on the type and number of devices that you have. One of the companies that sell this type of products is Eve and thanks to your app Eve for Homekit We can control all the parameters of your products. The new version 4.4 includes interesting news such as shortcut that checks the time and cancels the watering of the Eve Aqua in advance.

Check the time and cancel the watering of your Eve Aqua with the new shortcut

Eve works with all accessories compatible with HomeKit. Find out the condition of your house at a glance. Customize your environment down to the smallest detail. Activate scenes instantly. And easily create automations using timers and rules. With Eve, you control your connected home. And you have help at every step.

He Eve Aqua It is a product that allows you to control the irrigation of outdoor facilities using our mobile. The application is capable of regulating the water supply through pre-programmed schedules. It makes use of batteries and Bluetooth technology of low consumption, which offer an autonomy of almost two months. However, the functionalities that allow you to configure its use in the Eve app are somewhat scarce.

Eve version 4.4 for HomeKit includes a shortcut to check the weather. In this way, Eve Aqua will determine if irrigation needs to be activated or not. If we launch the shortcut in the morning, we will only be able to stop watering that day (in case it is necessary because it is going to rain). However, if we launch it in the afternoon, the duration of the irrigation deactivation lasts two days. To launch this shortcut just need to tell Siri or leave it in a quick access place in the widget bar.

An interesting option for multiple Eve Flare holders has also been included. If we have configured a color of our bulbs, we can automatically copy it and apply it to other Eve Flare without having to reconfigure them. In addition, we can save colors to favorites to modify them as quickly as possible.

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Eve for HomeKit

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