Even Apple is surprised by this

Image source: Caviar

A new iPad Pro is presented and Apple doesn’t know about it, is it surprised? How can something like that happen? GIGA has the whole story and reveals what or who is currently behind it.

iPad Pro (2020)

It wasn’t until March that Apple updated the iPad Pro, for the time being the tablet got a new camera halanx and a new type of LiDAR scanner for AR applications. The rumor mill expects more supplies in the next few months, including 5G to be integrated, but not at this point in time. However, we are now receiving customers from Russia about a “new” iPad Pro.

Image: Caviar.

iPad Pro becomes Caviar Cyberpad: What does Apple think about it?

It’s called “Cyberpad” and comes from the somewhat eccentric smartphone refiners from Caviar, about whom we have reported many times in the past. Apple has nothing to do with it directly and is only surprised in the end. What is new about the Cyperpad is primarily the exterior and not least the price. The eye-catching case is made of gold-colored titanium with elements made of carbon. It brings back memories of the cyberpunk style, true to the motto: The Future is Now! The rest of the technology is then left untouched. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they like this.

Will the Magic Keyboard still work with Caviar’s iPad Pro? Probably not. What you missed out on in this video:

A price that hits …

Just as if you are willing to pay at least 6,900 euros for so much exclusivity. For this phenomenal price, the 11-inch version is at least available in top equipment with 1 TB of storage. Nevertheless, in the trade you only pay a little more than 1,300 euros for the “normal” variant – downright “ridiculous”. By the way, Caviar wants the larger version with a 12.9-inch display to have 7,320 euros. You can usually get them in stores for a little more than 1,500 euros.

By the way, if you don’t like the design, you can still choose between other unusual designs. For example, covered with calfskin or made of black titanium. These variants are then also a bit “cheaper” and cost from 6,240 euros and up.

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