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Even before the USA: "Tenet" finally has its German theatrical release

Even before the USA: "Tenet" finally has its German theatrical release

Warner Bros. gives in to the pleading of the cinema industry. The rumor had been circulating for a few days, now there is certainty. “Tenet” has finally got its German launch date and will be released in cinemas in Germany before the USA.

You hardly dare to look forward to this science fiction blockbuster. Finally, the last start date was postponed a few days ago (DF reported). Originally, “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan (“Inception”, “Dunkirk”) was supposed to be released in cinemas on July 17, then was postponed to July 31, then to August 12 and ultimately indefinitely. Due to the critical corona situation in the USA, it was quickly foreseeable that the cinema landscape would by no means be revived at this point. Now the waiting should actually come to an end.

Warner Bros. had already indicated that the film should now be launched in an unusual way. And, indeed, the rest of the world is getting to see a film of this size some time before the Americans. From the last week of August, “Tenet” will be released in 70 countries. These include Australia, France, Italy, Canada, Japan and Russia. The Americans should be able to see the blockbuster in selected cities from the Labor Day weekend, i.e. from September 3. Depending on how stable the situation will be in the country by then. In Germany, the strip can be seen on the canvases from August 26th.

Saving the cinema world

The cinema industry should breathe a sigh of relief after this news. Since the cinemas have reopened, there has been no surge of visitors (unsurprisingly). Although new films have been released in Germany for a few weeks now, the big crowd pullers have so far failed to materialize. Smaller cinemas in particular have to struggle with their existence. In the last few days and weeks, initial fears had spread among fans that this year blockbuster might not appear anymore.

“Tenet” now clearly proves the opposite. With the staggered release of the thriller, Warner Bros. is taking an important step towards saving the international industry – and is even risking that the regular audience in the USA will have to struggle with spoilers to act.

With the official German trailer, fans can tune into “Tenet”:

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  • tenet3: Warner Bros / Melinda Sue Gordon

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