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Even more live sport: Sporttotal develops its own AI camera system

Even more live sport: Sporttotal develops its own AI camera system


The new 180 ° camera transmits in full HD and is based on artificial intelligence.

Since the launch of its livestreaming platform, Sporttotal has produced and exploited almost 20,000 livestreams from eight sports with over 35,000 hours of material from both professional and amateur sports. Now the company has developed its own camera system based on AI. With the 180 ° camera, Sporttotal wants to make itself independent of external suppliers and broadcast even more sports live from the coming season.

At the heart of the technology is the artificial intelligence developed by the Berlin sporttotal development lab, which is primarily geared towards live operation. In combination with the technical requirements of the camera, this AI now forms “highly efficient and with powerful image processing” the basis for almost all sports broadcasts on sporttotal.

Together with the integrated AI software, the new camera offers the possibility of displaying all games fully automatically for the first time in Full HD. With the help of different AI algorithms, the tracking and streaming of sports events can be carried out completely autonomously, automatically or manually via cloud control. The artificial intelligence should independently recognize various game situations. An almost latency-free implementation enables a trouble-free transmission of the game in all known ball sports and should also make the product usable for betting platforms.

The 16cm high, weather-resistant camera will be available with several individual optics. It is mounted on a mast, the stadium roof or in the sports hall at the level of the center line. With a horizontal field of vision of over 180 °, the gameplay can be fully captured and evaluated by the AI.

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