Everyone should try this Google Maps trick

Google Maps now allows you to calibrate the location using a little trick that will save more than one.

Google Maps, who weeks ago celebrated his 15th anniversary with a logo change and new functions, continues to incorporate new features with which to improve the user experience, such as show traffic lights on your maps. However, the popular application has a series of tricks with which to get the best out of it, and today we bring one that everyone should try.

The Mountain View company now uses Live View to calibrate location, a little trick not many users knew about. Therefore, users can now use the augmented reality of Live View to calibrate their current location more easily. The great G thinks that the “GPS falls short” in dense environments where there is a great interference with buildings, as reported by 9to5google. The solution, take advantage of mobile phone camera and years of Street View data to visually determine the exact place where a person is.

Google Maps Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Google Maps continues to be one of the most downloaded apps on the planet.

So now when the user starts Live View, the app first asks them to point at buildings, street signs, and around them to help Google Maps know which direction this person is facing. Traditionally a compass is used for this, and moving the phone making a figure of an ‘8’ worked to calibrate the current location, although it can be somewhat uncomfortable. So there is this new option.

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Google Maps now allows calibrating location using Live View

Google Maps now allows you to calibrate the location using Live View to improve the accuracy of the map application’s well-known blue dot, which marks the Current location in which is the person who is using this app. Touching the blue circle will open a new full screen menu with the option to ‘Calibrate with Live View’ just below the ‘Save your parking’ option, as you can see in the image below these lines.

Clicking on the new option will open it Camera user interface used by Live View and it would only be left for the user to move the phone towards their surroundings to see the street signs or the buildings, among other elements. Soon after, Google Maps manages to calibrate the location accurately. Undoubtedly, a little trick that could bail out more than one as long as they are totally lost and misplaced.

Google Maps trick calibrate location

Google Maps allows you to calibrate the location using Live View.

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