Everything indicates that the iPhone 12 will have less battery than the iPhone 11

The battery is an extremely important section, and it is precisely something that highlights the iPhone 11, in its normal version (not Pro). However, it seems that Apple could surprise us again in this regard. While the vast majority of companies do nothing but increase the capacity of their batteries, Apple seems to like to play with our patience.

According to the latest certifications obtained for the iPhone 12 product range, everything indicates that they would have less battery capacity than the current iPhone 11. This could certainly be a jug of cold water, unless Apple is risking everything to the performance of the processor.

Does this mean that the iPhone 12 battery will last less than the iPhone 11 battery? Well, not necessarily, but the experience we have had in recent years means that autonomy will be maintained at best. As much as Apple can rush the battery consumption by iOS 14 and its new set of processors seems an excessively risky move. As you have been able to know MySmartPrice The Cupertino company has certified the batteries of its iPhone 12 series devices with the following codes: A2471, A2431, and A2466.

These data seem to already be present in Safety Korea, 3C China and UL Demko. And they present us with the following capacity:

  • Apple ‌iPhone 12‌ (5.4-inch) – A2471 – 2227mAh
  • Apple ‌iPhone 12‌ Max (6.1-inch) – A2431 – 2775mAh
  • Apple ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro (6.1-inch) – A2431 – 2775mAh
  • Apple ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro Max (6.7-inch) – A2466 – 3687mAh

To me Something doesn’t add up because it means losing almost 900 mAh compared to the current iPhone 11 (3,100 mAh) And all devices would have capabilities that I find genuinely laughable. Without going any further, 2227 mAh for a device with an LCD panel such as the iPhone 12, seems too little to me. Hopefully this data is not real or that the new iPhone processor is a true masterpiece of engineering, because if not, we will be glued to the Lightning cable.

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