Everything we know so far about the Huawei Mate 40

Everything we know so far about the Huawei Mate 40 1

The Huawei Mate 40 will be the next big launch of the Asian firm. If we look at the history of the brand in the last 3 years, Huawei could present up to three different models under the name Mate 40: the Mate 40 Lite, the Mate 40 Pro and the Mate 40. Today, rumors point to the latter. A few months after the supposed presentation of the terminals, little by little what we are supposed to see in the last four months of the year is being revealed. On this occasion, I have collected all the rumors that surround the Mate 40 to put us on the table and combine what we know so far with the most awaited training of the Chinese manufacturer.

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Design very similar to the Mate 30 of 2019

So is. Just yesterday a new rumor came to the fore from the Digital Chat Station, one of the most reliable sources in China regarding the world of smartphones, which ensures that the Mate 40 will not have a camera under the screen as it had been affirmed from the beginning.

Huawei Mate 30 7

This makes us suppose that the company will again bet on a design very similar to what it presented to us in 2019 with the Mate 30, with a notch in the upper part of the screen that would house the facial unlock system using sensors. In this aspect, Huawei could opt for a notch very similar to that of the P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro +, with a much smaller island format than the Mate 30.

The rest of the visual aspects of the terminal are still unknown, although everything indicates that we will meet again with straighter lines than those presented by the P series. Unfortunately, there are no leaked images to date, as usual in this type of smartphone.

Forget about 120 Hz, we continue with 90 Hz

The Huawei P40 Pro was heavily criticized for incorporating a 90 Hz panel. Despite criticism, Huawei seems to have opted for the same movement. This was confirmed by Rodent950 a few days ago, another source with some fame within the world of mobile telephony.

Apparently, all versions of the Huawei Mate 40 would use a 90Hz refresh panel. It also ensures that they will have a “strange” resolution, so it is not ruled out that the company opts for a somewhat longer format than usual.

Kirin processors in danger, Mediatek to the rescue?

A recent rumor suggests that Huawei may stop working with Kirin processors of its own invention. The reason? By making use of TSMC technology, the United States could veto the relationship between the two companies to put the manufacturer in serious trouble. In this way, Huawei would be forced to work yes or yes with processors from its native country, that is, China.

Today, the largest manufacturer in China is Mediatek. In fact, the original source assures that Huawei is already working to make a 5-nanometer processor from other manufacturers. It also claims that the launch of the new processors could be delayed until 2021, so It is not ruled out that the Huawei Mate 40 have a powered version of the Kirin 990 that currently operates with the P40.

Cameras: a revolutionary lens and a 108 megapixel sensor

In the middle of last month, another rumor arose around the Mate 40, and more specifically, from its cameras. On the one hand, Huawei would be developing together with the company Largan Precision a 9P FreeForm lens that would help improve light entry for images with higher exposure.

Huawei Mate 30 11

This lens would also serve to reduce the distortion caused by wide-angle lenses while also serving to reduce the chromatic aberration that is created in cameras of this type. This was confirmed by the CEO of Largan Precision. Added to the rumor that Ming-Chi-Kuo launched in March in relation to the Mate 40, everything indicates that Huawei’s plans will come true with the presentation of its new flagship.

No less interesting is the rumor released by various sources that the new iteration of the Mate series could come with sensors of no less than 108 megapixels. This resolution would be intended to improve the zoom offered by the different cameras of the terminal, something that is not unreasonable if we consider that Samsung did the same with the Galaxy S20 Ultra a few months ago.

Out Android. Hello HarmonyOS

Another rumor from the hand of Rodent950 ensures that Huawei is finally going to get rid of Android to officially present HarmonyOS for mobile. The Huawei Mate 40 would be the first smartphone of the brand to have the signature system China. Does this mean that Android applications will no longer be compatible with the firm’s mobiles?

Nothing is further from reality. Huawei assured that HarmonyOS is based on Linux. In theory, this will allow us to run Google system applications without any problem. Where we could find some other compatibility is when installing Google services unofficially, something that will have to be seen as soon as we have the possibility to test the device in hand.

The official presentation will be on …

October 1 of this year. Rodent950 himself confirmed that Huawei would present its new range of phones on China National Day, which coincides with the beginning of October. If we take the presentation of the Mate 20 and Mate 30 as a reference, everything points to the fact that the Rodent950 rumor could be true.

Unfortunately, Spain and the rest of the world would take a few more months, as we have seen over the last few months with the P series. What is not yet known is the price, although they should not differ in excess of what seen in other models of the brand, such as the P40 Pro or the P40 Plus. Predictably it would come from 900 euros to 1,400 euros of the most complete Pro version.

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