Everything you need to know about 2020 TVs

Everything you need to know about 2020 TVs

The TV in the living room continues to matter. And it is true that the youngest prefer to watch videos on mobile. And it is true that free channels are at low hours, but … Despite all this, large screens are still selling in our country. Take a look. Only last year, the Spanish We have purchased over 3 million televisions. And two out of three go with the Smart TV system. That is, they connect to the Internet and carry applications to watch Netflix, Amazon and all that mess.

If we look at brands, in the world of TVs we find two oriental queens. The Korean firms Samsung and LG. Between the two they sell more than half of the televisions in our country, and the percentage increases more if we focus on smart TVs. Practically two out of three. Then there are the others, who distribute the remaining piece of the cake. And I mean brands like Philips, TCL, Sony, Loewe or Panasonic.

In 2020 things have become complicated with almost everything. Including the television market. In the first weeks of confinement due to coronavirus the sale of televisions plummeted in half. Little by little, the market is normalizing and we are now approaching last year’s sales figures at this time.

Despite everything, life goes on. And almost all the firms have presented their proposals for 2020. In this podcast we are going to review the most interesting news and the coolest televisions this year. The year we live dangerously.

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