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Google Translate has become an indispensable tool in the day to day of millions of users in Spain. We can use it on the PC, but also on our Android phone, thanks to its application, which has been significantly improved over time, introducing many new functions. This makes it such a comprehensive tool.

Google Translate is possibly the best and most complete of the translators on the market, especially if we understand how it has evolved. It is a tool to which you can make the most of. If you have the application installed on your Android phone, surely you are interested in being able to use it in all kinds of situations.

Use offline mode

The application uses an Internet connection to function, although not whenever we need to use it we have Internet access. Luckily, it has long had offline mode, also powered by AI. Thanks to this mode we can use the app to translate something when we are offline. We will be allowed, when connected, to download language packs so that we can use them when there is no Internet. The steps to do this are:

  1. Open Google Translate on Android.
  2. Click on the three horizontal stripes.
  3. Enter Translation offline.
  4. Download the language packs you want to use offline.
  5. When you have no connection you can use them.

Integrate Google Translate into other apps

One of the advantages of this tool is that we can integrate it into other applications on Android, in order to Quickly see what a word or expression means determined. If you are having a conversation on WhatsApp in another language and there is something you do not understand, you can use Google Translate immediately, to know what that does not mean. The steps to do this are:

  1. Open Google Translate on your mobile.
  2. Click on the top three horizontal stripes.
  3. Enter the settings.
  4. Enter the option Touch to translate.
  5. Press Enable to turn on the switch.
  6. Set which languages ​​are preferred to use this function.

When activating this option, you will see that within the app in question, WhatsApp in this case, you get a bubble with the Translator icon of Google. To the bracelet on it, you can translate what you want. If you want, you can copy the text of a conversation and paste it in that box, to see the translation directly.

Translate using the camera

There are times when what you want to translate is not on your phone, but you are seeing something in front of your eyes, such as a sign in a city abroad, for example. Google Translate has access to the camera, allowing us to go to open the phone’s camera, point to the sign and show what that text means. This feature can be a huge help in all kinds of situations, as well as being easy to use. It is used in this way:

  1. Open the translator on the phone.
  2. Click on Camera.
  3. Point to the object to translate.
  4. Wait for the translation to be displayed on the screen.

Instantly transcribe

Voice Transcription Google Translate

One of the latest features, which was introduced in March of this year in the application. This function will allow the translator to automatically transcribe your voice into text, but also you can translate it into another language without any problem. Thus, everything you say in one language will be transcribed in another language. It can be very helpful if you want to send a message, but don’t speak the language, for example. This function is available only in a few languages, it is expected that it will be expanded over time. It is used as follows:

  1. Open Google Translate.
  2. Click on the Transcribe option.
  3. Start talking.
  4. Choose the language to translate what you say.

Talk to another person without barriers

Live conversation Google Translate

This is a function similar to that of transcribing, in the sense that it will automatically translate what you say out loud into another language. Although in this case it is oriented to a conversation, in which you can take turns saying something that is going to be translated in a specific language. The other person will see this translation and can give you an answer in their language, which will be automatically translated into yours so that you can understand it, a good way to overcome the language barrier to converse with another person. To use this function we have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Translate.
  2. Tap Conversation.
  3. Choose the languages ​​to use.
  4. Start talking.
  5. Wait for what you have said to be displayed and wait for the other person’s response.
  6. Keep talking in turns.

Clear history

Google Translate delete history

If you have used the translator for a long time, it can end up accumulating a large number of words that you have translated, which you see when you open the application on Android. You may have translated terms that you don’t want someone else to see, so the application gives the possibility to delete the history, removed everything. It can be done as follows:

  1. Open Google Translate.
  2. Click on the three horizontal stripes.
  3. Enter Settings.
  4. Swipe to the end.
  5. Click Clear History.

Add words to Google Translate vocabulary

Google Translate vocabulary

If there has been a word, expression or translation in general that you liked or what do you want to add to your vocabulary, the application allows you to do this. Since next to each translation there is an icon of a star, which saves this translation in the vocabulary, as if you were marking it as a favorite. This can be done as follows:

  1. Open Google Translate on the phone.
  2. Scroll down to see the history.
  3. Click on the star to the right of those translations to save.
  4. To see them, click on the top three horizontal stripes.
  5. Enter Vocabulary.

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