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The ZDF’s telemedia change concept was unanimously approved by the TV Council. This means that in future the ZDF will be able to produce exclusively for the network and make the content available there for longer.

That from the director Dr. The telemedia change concept presented by Thomas Bellut provides for major changes in the areas of independent audiovisual content (“online only”), length of stay and the distribution of content via third-party platforms. Compared to the version submitted in September 2019, the online-only plans were expanded again and the concept now approved was modified at several points in this regard.

Marlehn Thieme, the confirmed chairwoman of the ZDF television council, emphasized: “The corona pandemic has shown just how important public knowledge and educational content is – and also its digital availability. In its consultations for the new telemedia concept, the television council worked among other things to ensure that the archive function for ZDF content was expanded and that education-relevant articles were offered as unlimited as possible. “

The approval process (the so-called “three-stage test”) for the change concept of the ZDF telemedia services was initiated by the TV Council at its meeting on September 13, 2019. With the telemedia change concept, only parts of the existing concept from 2010 are changed or supplemented.

Otherwise, the telemedia concept of May 18, 2010 remains valid.

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