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Exclusive iOS applications that wish they had their Android version

by Tejas Dhawan

Android and iOS have reached a point where they are quite similar. Both operating systems are quite mature and stable and although in some aspects Android is better than iOS –and vice versa-, in the end choosing one or the other depends on personal issues rather than anything else.

However, there is something that makes Apple’s operating system surpass Android’s and is in the quality of your applications. Although both the same type of apps exist on both Android and iOS, in the case of the bitten apple we find some exclusive tools that once the tests become essential. Mobile and iPad applications that sincerely, we would love if they also had their Android version.

Affinity Photo

Although Adobe suites like Photoshop or Lightroom are the most popular when it comes to editing and retouching photos, there is an alternative called Affinity Photo that has nothing to envy. An app available for Windows, MacOS and iPad that unlike the Adobe suite is a one-time payment, offering us a high quality work tool with a multitude of options.

Your iPad app is pure gold, especially if used in conjunction with Apple Pencil. A pity that Android users can not enjoy this magnificent gem.

GoodNotes 5

I wish I had an iPad and an application of this style in my student days. GoodNotes 5 is an app for taking handwritten notes thanks to the Apple Pencil that will surprise us with its quality, since it seems that we are writing on a page. Although mainly taking notes or notes is the main reason to use GoodNotes 5, it also serves to edit PDFs or underline them on the iPad, making it an essential tool for all Apple users, since it also has a version for MacOS and iOS .

iA Writer

Text editors there are many. Be it Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Apple Pages, however there are very few like IA Writer. This app available for iPhone, iPad and MacOS creates a clean and distraction-free work environment, essential to work any text in a concentrated way.

It also has some very useful features. like highlighting nouns (to know if we repeat the same word many times in different paragraphs), it is compatible with markdown (essential if you are a copywriter) and it allows you to export our writings directly to media such as WordPress or Medium.

In my particular case its version for iPad has conquered me And there are not a few articles that I write directly from the Apple device.

Pixelmator Photo

Although Affinity Photo is a very useful tool for editing photos, it is true that its multitude of options can be overwhelming. Many times we just need a somewhat more basic application. This is the case of Pixelmator Photo, a simple, intuitive but very complete app that allows us to edit and retouch photos simply and quickly.

Yes it is true that in Android we have alternatives like Snapseed, but Pixelmator only costs 5 euros and it is simply a fantastic tool that I wish also had an Android version.

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