Exclusive iPhone production line for the Chinese market

The figures obtained in this quarter regarding the sale of iPhone in the Chinese market have been good and after seeing how many of the production lines of Apple products seek to leave the Asian country to have alternatives in case of problems such as suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic, etc. Now the DigiTimes media shows a report in which it explains that The Cupertino firm is betting on the construction of a supply chain that integrates with Chinese manufacturers to manufacture iPhones exclusive to the country itself.

The medium is based on some movements made by Apple providers such as Luxshare and Lens Technology, which seems to be betting heavily on the acquisition of materials necessary for the manufacture of Apple devices. In this sense, Luxshare tries to take over some of the metal chassis manufacturing plants for iPhones and this suggests that the bet is strong to produce equipment that would remain in the country.

It seems that the Cupertino firm wants to get as many suppliers as possible for a possible mass production of devices that would remain in the Chinese market, some products that according to this report would have inferior quality to which Apple has accustomed us, so it would also serve to reduce costs and price of the terminals.

On the other hand, it is also said that the pressure to which the North American companies are subjected with the factories in China make them look for production alternatives and in the case of Apple, it can be seen how they are trying to leave the country to produce devices in Vietnam or in the India, but this is no reason to stop doing it in China, so have an exclusive manufacturing plant or plants for the country itself without the need to export and import products, could be another solution to avoid US government pressure

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