External hard drive with 8 TB storage now cheap

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If you are looking for a good offer for an external hard drive from Western Digital, you can buy it now at Amazon: There you can get the “WD Elements Desktop” with 8 TB of storage currently cheapest. We looked at the price development of the HDD.

Western Digital

WD Elements Desktop with 8 TB now on sale for 138.42 euros on Amazon

Western Digital 8 TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive USB3.0 -WDBWLG0080HBK-EESN

Western Digital 8 TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive USB3.0 -WDBWLG0080HBK-EESN

With the “WD Elements Desktop”, Western Digital offers a simple external hard drive with a USB 3.0 connection, which is used primarily as a stationary storage medium for large amounts of data thanks to the additional power cable. Depending on the model, up to 14 TB fit on the HDD. If you don’t need the hard disk in the meantime, you can put it into standby mode using the off switch.

Update from 08/11/2020:

At Amazon there is the Western Digital WD Elements Desktop With 8 TB For 138.42 euros at the currently cheapest price after the external hard drive fluctuated around 150 euros for a long time. Anyone who needs a backup hard drive or is looking for memory to “shake” will find a good offer here.

Original article (refers to the 10 TB variant):

At Amazon you get the WD Elements Desktop alternatively also at the regular deal price without a voucher for 174.49 euros at a reduced price. According to idealo.de, the next best offer is currently 204.50 euros. As a rule, the price fluctuates between just over 200 and 180 euros, as the graph for the last 6 months shows:

Overview of price trends for WD Elements Desktop over the last 6 months (Image: Idealo.de)

The deal does not crack the best price (159 euros), but an offer under 180 euros is still solid. You should only be patient during a high of 200 euros, as the Elements models with different capacities are regularly reduced.

Western Digital Elements Desktop: Who is the External Hard Drive for?

If you want to store large amounts of files (e.g. video or photo collections) or backups to create more space for new things, external hard drives with high capacities are worthwhile. HDDs are slower than the now popular SSD drives, but they offer significantly more storage space for the money. Particularly fast read and write speeds are less worthwhile if you rarely access the files and are more likely to look for a data depot.

If you now need an external hard drive with a lot of storage, you can access the WD Elements Desktop (10 TB) at Amazon or Saturn without being surprised by a much better deal. If you don’t have an acute shortage of space, you may be able to save a few euros more in the coming months.

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